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Love Does Not Envy

An envious person will never see any good in you. Envious people will never encourage you.

They are critical, cannot applaud your success, they are judgmental, and always bitter when you seem to be better than them. They are greedy and very selfish. The world has to revolve around them.

An envious husband will never want to see the wife get promoted. He will be insecure at every success she has.
An envious wife will be insecure at her husband’s progress. Her insecurities would soon turn to mistrust and weird accusations towards him.

She will never want to see her friends’ prosper. Comparison of her life to theirs will be her everyday bread. Unfortunately, she will bring the issues back home.

“Mama so and so went to Thailand for their holiday, my girlfriends’ shop at Dubai, Sarit, Galleria, and bla bla bla.”

She will pressure the husband to take her to those luxurious hotels, just for show off.
The neighbor gets a new car for the wife, she wants that too! Pressure and pressing her husband to do what SHE WANTS DONE, FOR HER GAIN.

You will never attract what you do not respect. Learn to be happy when others succeed.Be content with what the Lord has given you.

The bible speaks of Godliness with contentment in 1st Timothy 6:6, it is of a great gain. Be content, work hard and let the Lord take you from glory to glory.

Envy will destroy you. It’s like a malignant tumor. It just spreads and spreads, and it soon kills you.
If your wife gets a better job, or she gets a PhD while you have a degree, be happy for her and encourage her to soar higher, as you challenge yourself too.

It’s unfortunate how most wives have great potential but muzzled up by envious husbands, who cannot support them.

Her success, is your success as a family and vice versa. Be supportive of each other.

Fellow Wife, if your husband is motivated to start a business, gets a better job, which may require him to be away, instead of pouting and punishing him, embrace him, and encourage him to be better.

Talk about it yes, but support him if he is ready to take it.

Don’t be a dream killer, don’t be manipulative. No tantrums please. Yes he might decide not to go, but let it be out of his own volition.

Trust him enough to know he has your best interests at heart.

If it’s God’s will, He will provide a way for both of you, and it will be beautiful.

Choose to encourage and rejoice in each other’s high moments.

#Marriageworks #Godspeed

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Mary Munene

Totally sold out to Christ. Wife to my amazing John. Blessed to be a mother of a beautiful daughter. The Lord perfecting us in our daily walk! I love marriage in Christ! It's so divine!

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