In Marriage Chuckles

My Marriage Chuckles!..#Farts!

My marriage chuckles continues!

About farts…No offense but we all toot!
Let not the sleek lipstick and the high heels kid you!
It never sounds like a unicorn’s laughter too!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I consider myself polished and refined to say the least, but let’s NOT feign this.

This is a very natural occurrence.
It’s so human and God made no mistake when He decided that we should all toot.

I know too well that when people are meeting each other for the very first time, this is not even imaginable.
In fact, I have come across people in relationships who have never fart before each other [more so the ladies]

They clench their sphincter muscles until the guy is out of sight.

She sweats and sweats, writhing in pain over a bloated tummy, yet it could have been as easy as saying, “excuse me for a moment” or if you are walking together, just let him know that you are bloated with gas and you need to pass wind, period!

Who said it’s embarrassing?
Do you think you will escape it in marriage?
Let’s be real.

Still in our “honeymoon phase”, after dinner, we decided to continue with our catch up session in the bedroom since the time was far spent.

Our conversation continued for about 1 hour or so until suddenly there was this thud under our duvet!

What followed was a pungent choking smelly waft!

So my hubby looks at me for a second, and all I did was laugh and laugh! I couldn’t react.

#Hubby : “Am sorry baeby, it had to happen!”

#Me : “It’s okay, though my sleep is now gone!”

Well, trust me I had experienced a couple of “my hubby’s toot” and he too had a “taste” of mine too when we were dating, but I would run away as far as possible!

Give it time to diffuse in the air before continuing on.

Now here I was married, in bed, with my wonderful hubby! Then a suddenly, the obvious happened! Unapologetic.

Luck for me, I grew up in “Toot-condoned household.”

Dad and mam did not make us feel any less classy because we fart!

They taught us to be mannered, well-mannered and carry ourselves like ladies, but did not impose a “non-farting” law.

I guess that’s why I wasn’t surprised when suddenly my hubby unleashed.

One may argue it’s undomesticated, but I call it real!
If you cannot fart before your husband or wife, then there is a problem!

Of course am NOT advocating for “Do it all in public!” That’s uncouth and archaic. Too savage for the current time.
Am talking about your spouse.

He or she should be the one person you are most free with to that point of just being you when you are them!
No need not be so prissy around them!

Holding your sphincter when he is around and finally relaxing when he’s not around is tiring.

You cannot be clenching your bum-cheeks forever!
What if God give you 100 years with that man or woman?

In the marriage bed, each fart is a sign of trust!
It is adorable and there is nothing as sexy as being a stripped-down person to your husband or wife!
That you can share it all, from the inner you, to what you consider private.

Trust me, when you can chuckle heartily about it, then you realize that well, am so with the right person!

Marriage, is not just about “looking strong, with make-up on and having this cosmetic look all the time!”

Marriage is about surrendering, and letting your spouse see you as you are! Farts are included!

Am not primitive or ascribing to barbarian ways, just saying the truth!
It is human and it should bring you no shame!

Marriage embraces it all, and that is inclusive of every fart!
Every fart is a sign of trust and openness.

This is us!
Marriage chuckles continues…









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Mary Munene

Totally sold out to Christ. Wife to my amazing John. Blessed to be a mother of a beautiful daughter. The Lord perfecting us in our daily walk! I love marriage in Christ! It's so divine!

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