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…EPITOME OF LOVE..#worththewait

You give out your body in the name of love and the guy runs off sooner than you thought…. Then you blame love and say…”Am not lucky in love, the guys I get just run off”.
Consider closing your legs first sister!

You take on wifely duties and the man has no spine at all to introduce you to his parents, yet you wash his underwears everyday…

You end up pulling cat fights with ladies around him, yet you didn’t show him what you are worth from the very first day…

You stalk him, ask your girlfriends to follow him around… Yet he doesn’t find you worth a bag of charcoal let alone a rock on your fingers…

It’s time to learn your worth.
This lady in this worth is worth my respect a million times more than a lady chasing the wind!

Much more than a lady looking for a rich dude to afford her an empty life full of material stuff rather than a deep connection, a close to heaven sort of feeling, a love that’s never unending that only the Lord can give….

This lady knew her worth and even if her wedding costed 100 shillings, yes 100 bob! (costed less than the dentine chewing gum),while some, actually many, will take a loan to have a grand wedding because you need to be seen!

Preparing for a grand wedding but never a grand marriage!

They can now afford to go to a honeymoon of her dream, courtesy of Bonfire adventures, and so many other sponsors who have come her way. Why? Because you can see through genuine love.

She is the epitome of a lady who knows her worth, please don’t ostracize her due to her “less fashionable look”.
She is the gem!

So as you are there waiting for a guy miss, find your worth.

It’s not in money, but in waiting for your Boaz to come!

Congratulations to the newest couple.
Wilson Wanjohi Mutura and Ann Mutinda.
You deserve my respect!

#marriageworks #Godspeed

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Mary Munene

Totally sold out to Christ. Wife to my amazing John. Blessed to be a mother of a beautiful daughter. The Lord perfecting us in our daily walk! I love marriage in Christ! It's so divine!

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