WHAT MARRIAGE IS-Marriage chuckles!



Me: “Hey hunnie, how is work today”?…2:35 pm
Me: “Hunnie”…. 2:36 pm
Me: [after not getting any reply ]πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

[one hour later]

Him: “Am good love, sorrrryyyy!” “poleeee!!””Just a lot baeby..” “pacing up and down!” “Really really exhausted but strong you know. “And you hunnie”?…3:37 pm

Me: “Alright, IΒ Was worried.” “am well bae, just where you left me.” “Not showered yet!..3:37 pm

Him: “Whatttttt...oh dear…i still love you ..4:49 pm

Him: “Love you!

Me: ” Love you too! but I miss you”!…4:49 pm

[one hour later ]

Him: ” Hunnie, am out of work, so exhausted but passing by the gym, I love you.”…5:36 pm

Me: “sawasawa hunnie, be safe, love you more.”…5:36 pm

[ 2 hours later ]

Him: “coming bae”…8:00 pm
Me: “safe journey 😍...8:01 pm

(rush to the showers then!)

(Door bell rings after 15 minutes)

Him: “Hey hunnie, you have just showered right”?…8:20 pm

Me: “Nooope…πŸ˜†

Him: “πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.. I know you!”

[We catch up, pray, eat…then vualaaa… The remote…Super sport 12,9..I really don’t know the difference…]

Him: ” bla blaΒ  vs bla bla “(that’s what I hear)….11:30 pm

Me: “Aren’t you tired bae, we can go sleep.”

Him: “Naaaahh, not so much, hunnie am good!”

(I sit down so supportive, watching two teams throw the ball here and there, with -whoooooo whoooooo at the background)

(Am so sleepy and he’s so excited – I thought he was exhausted 3 hours ago!)

Him: “Hunnie, hunnie, wake up, the game is over …” “bla bla bla won!”…1:00pm

Me: “OHHHHH… Ok… Sawa”

Him: (smiles with a cheeky smile)

Me: what! Hunnie!….

Him: “yes let’s go, sitting room bye bye bye.”
Me: “Ehhh…πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘”

(sleepy and groggy)

Him: “Let’s goΒ  hunnie! (still with a cheeky smile)… 1:15 pm

Me:” Hunnie, it’s 2 am!

Him: “mhhhhhh?????” “The night is still young my love!!” (still smiling sheepishly)Β 

Me: I drag myself across the verandah to the bedroom praying and reminding myself,


#marriageworks #Godspeed

What is your take?