In Marriage Chuckles


That evening was amazing. I will never forget how we danced our evening out.

Then came morning! I guess i was the first to wake up since i still couldn’t believe that i won’t be going home to mama and papa.
It was so strange.
My hubby on the other hand was fast asleep. He was in a happy place.

I kept looking through the window, the birds occasionally distracting my mind for my wondering thoughts.

Then my hubby said, “Good morning wifey!” he was still groggy but i heard him.

He stretched out for his good morning kiss, that’s when I went blank!

Ohhhh my head! what is that smell from his mouth!
He too suddenly turned his head sideways and muffled himself with the pillow, that’s when it hit me!
My mouth was as rancid as his!

You see marriage is sometimes gross! Actually most times.

Grossly functional – at best.

I had seen Hollywood movies, couples kissing and kissing in the morning and it looked so easy and romantic, but when i was presented by the same opportunity i thought! “Ohhhh Lord, i will suffocate and die! This is not close to romance! it’s attempting suicide!”

You should have seen my hubby.
He woke up and made me gaggle some water to “dilute the smell!”
Then we attempted to kiss again! But then…Nothing worked!

#Me : Baeby your mouth sinks
#Hubby : Nooo…it’s not so bad, it more like an over stayed barbecue! But yours smells like cold boiled eggs!

#Me : Nonooo! How do they do it?
#Hubby : Do what? Kiss in the morning?

#Me : Yes, because your mouth stinks!
#Hubby : I don’t know! But i think they brush first!

#Me : So will we be brushing? or avoid kissing all together in the morning?
#Hubby : Let’s brush for toady, we will figure it out!

We figured things out eventually, but trust me, it’s GROSSLY FUNCTIONAL!



-Well, in marriage there are a few art lessons we get and one art lesson,is the ART OF OPENNESS.
Keep being open to your spouse.
Talk to your future spouse about it, and in marriage, talk to your spouse about your fears and concerns.

Marriage is all about being open and vulnerable to each other.

Who knows, you might make each other confident enough to kiss in the morning!

-Keep your expectations at bay. His armpits will be sweaty and have bleary eyes and you will have scruffy hair with a horrendous morning breath even if you brushed your teeth before evening. It’s natural.

-All in all, find what works for both of you without throwing each other under the bus!

This is US!


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Mary Munene

Totally sold out to Christ. Wife to my amazing John. Blessed to be a mother of a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. The Lord perfecting us in our daily walk! I love marriage in Christ! It's so divine!


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