In Marriage Chuckles


Single girl’s thoughts : “And we will embrace in the night, lock arms, and quietly slip into slumber land.
We will both be peaceful, smiling till morning comes! ”

Well dear, if you aren’t married, here is the reality check.

That man who comes all dressed up for your date, smelling like summer roses with a tinge of lavender could be the greatest snorer!

He might not even let out the occasional sighs but be more of a ‘night grinder.’
He breathes in then let’s out a thud!

Trust me, we both got the reality check in marriage.
Well, we had discussed almost everything prior to settling down. I could say we were both an open book.

So this particular night…hubby was so tired.
We retired to sleep and a minute later… it was “grrrrrrrrr….ngraaaaaagggg…. grrrrrrrrr…. nggggraaaaaa…”

He’s not particularly a snorer but when weather beaten, he will grind his breathe!
Am I exempted? No am not. I too can take some really deep breathes.

#Me : Hunnie you snored last night.
#Hubby : really?

#Me : Yes you did. A lot and loudly.
#Hubby : Guess I was tired, but you do snore too especially when tired.

#Me : Me? Noooo… I don’t think so. No I don’t.
#Hubby : Why are you refuting my claim [ he reaches out to his phone ]
I knew you wouldn’t accept responsibility. [ plays a recorded video]

#Me : Is that me? Hunnie is that my mouth?ehhhh? [am laughing ] Goodness! I thought I slept sweetly.
#Hubby : Now you know! You sound like a flute! [ he’s laughing ]

Now, will you quit your marriage because you have suddenly discovered he snorts at night?
Will you stop talking to your wife because her make up doesn’t match her breathing patterns?

She’s mellow during the day then at night, the tempo changes.
She’s a combination of a lawn and reel mower, or maybe she sounds like me, a flute.

You see, the problem is not that your spouse or your future spouse will snore, the problem is the expectation you hold so dear.

Hollywood movies are a facade.
No one tells you that behind Thor, Flash, Terminators, X-Men characters, are men or ladies who toot at night, snore and have rancid smell from their mouths in the morning!

They are flesh and blood with the same daily struggles and victories that we have.
They are not villains.

If you are the quiet sleeper, then you might be tempted to put them off.
You might be tempted to get pissed off but before you do remember this.


– You too have weaknesses. It might not be snoring but probably you sweat a lot. Your palms are forever wet.

– Maybe you are sickly and you have to visit the doctor occasionally.

All in all, we cannot be 100 percent perfect.

– Those bodies you see paraded on the internet, all have fault lines. Buried deep down are scared emotions and wounds that have not healed and create emotional baggage.

– Everyone has flaws, it’s only because you know them not, or aren’t yet close enough.

– Don’t attack each other, address the problem.
If snoring is the issue, is it something that can be managed medically or otherwise?

Could you consider probably sleeping sideways to make it a win-win situation for each other?

– Snoring should not be an issue enough to strain your marriage.

– If you are dating, could you please ask your wife or husband to be if they are snorers? Then discuss it.

You will be surprised to find out something that you didn’t know about them.!

This is US!

Marriage chuckles continues…


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Mary Munene

Totally sold out to Christ. Wife to my amazing John. Blessed to be a mother of a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. The Lord perfecting us in our daily walk! I love marriage in Christ! It's so divine!

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