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Hello lovelies! Marriage chronicles continues and so for today, and hopefully this coming week, we will remind ourselves of the funny, but so true things that happen in marriage!

Today it’s hash tag Sleeping positions!

Now, when I was a single lady, I thought I would always be in my hubby’s arms!
Who doesn’t think of the same?

The whole night! I mean.

I saw myself cuddled up next to him, I fantasized, built castles about it during the day!

He would be my snuggle bunny and we would lock arms till the morning rays shone through our curtain!

We talked of how our nights would be!
Trust me, my expectations were high!
I know his were higher with regard to this!

So fast forward to “after the honeymoon”.
We were back home. Unpacking and arranging the furniture in our new house.
Evening came and after our altar, it was time to sleep.

Feeling so romantic, we cuddled up for a while until my right side started becoming numb!
I ached and the reality of marriage started kicking in!

#Me: “Hunnie”, “am numb and i can’t breathe! ”

#Hubby: “Me too!” “Or we are sleeping vibaya?” “Put your hand like this.” [ He shows me]

Temporarily, it gives me some relief, then after 10 minutes.

#Me: “Baeby, I can’t sleep.” “Am getting so numb and i can’t breathe, and baeby you are sweating!!.”

#Hubby: “You are sweating too hunnie!” “Sleep in the way you are most comfortable?”

I turn to my left, my back facing him, then sleep on my tummy.

#Hubby: “Ehhh?” [He wake up and faces me]

#Me: “Mhhhh…” “And you?”

He turns right, his back facing my back.

#Hubby: “So we will be sleeping like this baeby?”

#Me: “Mhhhhh, ama?” “It’s comfotable!”

#Hubby: “I thought we will be cuddling forever!”

#Me: “I thought so too!” “Welcome to marriage Hunnie!”

#Hubby: “At least our butts can touch!”

I giggle a bit….

#Me: “I think sleeping positions in marriage have been overrated baeby.” “Just because we are not facing each other doesn’t mean that we don’t love or care for each other…”

#Hubby: “I know Hunnie, alright.” “Let’s swatch then.”

We turn, kiss goodnight and sleep soundly!

Then at 1 am!! I was suddenly cold. I woke up only to find my hubby with 99% of the duvet covering him.

I shake him a bit to wake him up.

#Me: “Hunnie…Hunnie…Hunnie!” “You have the whole duvet!”

#Hubby: “Pole baeby, pole.” [He covers me back]

#Me: “Sawasawa, thanks, go back to sleep!”

20 minutes later…..

#Hubby: “Hunnie…Hunnie…Hunnie!” “Please roll over, am at the edge!”

#Me: “Pole baeby, pole.” [ Giggling, i go back to sleep]

In the morning, he explained to me the reason why he held onto the duvet, and it was so funny!!

High school does wonders to people at times!-Story of another day!

#Lesson 1: Sleep comfortably! Chose what works for your marriage and for both of you!

#Lesson 2: Do not personalize issues.

#Lesson 3: Adjust your expectations. Find fun in the most annoying things! And you will enjoy your marriage!

So far so good! He doesn’t uncover me anymore!(at least when he’s half asleep!), and i learnt to sleep on my side (sometimes.)


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Mary Munene

Totally sold out to Christ. Wife to my amazing John. Blessed to be a mother of a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. The Lord perfecting us in our daily walk! I love marriage in Christ! It's so divine!

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  1. Avatar
    Miriam Weda
    3 years ago

    Hehee….This is soo funny..You cracked my ribs ooh!

    Nice one Mary!

    Good stuff…God bless you

    1. Avatar
      Mary Munene
      3 years ago

      You are welcome dear. I know you know it’s true in marriage! God bless!

  2. Avatar
    3 years ago

    hahaha this have made my day but i have learnt somethig

    1. Avatar
      Mary Munene
      3 years ago

      Thank you Damaris!God bless you!

  3. Avatar
    Grace M
    3 years ago

    Sooo hilarious! Kumbe some of our (us single people) imaginations are just mere fantasies hehe

    1. Avatar
      Mary Munene
      3 years ago

      hahaaaa! Enjoy your singleness gal!

  4. Avatar
    3 years ago

    So so hilarious. At some point I thought you were talking about us. I can even imagine that pulled duvet.

    1. Avatar
      Mary Munene
      3 years ago

      I know right! God bless you!


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