December 26th found us well on the road en route to Machakos peoples park.

One thing you can be sure of is the traffic along Mombasa road. It’s always jam-packed. Well, we got there at around 3 pm. Entry into the park is free of charge.

The park is very clean, the grounds are mowed and well maintained. The expansive sprawling greenery is just breathtaking! I love nature you know! Surprisingly, the public toilets are really clean and kept.



There is a man-made dam that one could take a boat ride (didn’t see any boat though), a restaurant, zip-lining at KShs. 500, an amphitheater, and lots of activities to keep your kids busy. All there are very pocket friendly.

The park also gives a leeway to carry your own packed food, of which i find it way better than sitting at a restaurant especially in a public place like that.

There is a police post inside the park too. In case of anything, one can report pronto.

This little slice of heaven is just a good place to be, just to breath in and out and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. It offers a scenic beauty for relaxation and play.

It’s also well-lit in the evening.

Generally, we had fun,took lots of pictures and had a wonderful boxing day!

Now you know!




What is your take?