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Well, yesterday I got some very wonderful surprises from my hubby!
I have come to have a heart of gratitude in my marriage, and give without expecting to get.
Love is not contingent upon reciprocity. It’s so unconditional that the very core of unconditionally love is giving.
Look at Christ!  He demanded nothing at the cross. Only for the debt of love. That we will love Him even at the face of death.
Christ wants us to have a deeper relationship with him, not just be deep Christians.

The love of Christ is not a performance based sort of love, it’s based on knowledge of Him.

Christ loved us that while we were still sinners… Not while we were perfect!
Perfect in going to church, tithing, never missing a Bible study… his love is not performance oriented.
That doesn’t mean that we go around abusing the grace that he has given us.
It means that we know that we are loved, and we love Him so much that, that love pushes us to be better everyday for His glory and do what pleases Him.

That’s what is to be replicated in marriage.
A relationship is what we ought to have with one another.
That you can be real with your spouse without holding a score card against each other.
That you got to learn the language of Love that your spouse understands because we are different.

My language and love is attention, to feel loved, cared for, safety of security, little gifts of love and kindness, touch and spending quality time with him.

His are words of approval, praise, respect, touch, support, affirmation, trust, believing in him, that’s what he needs.

Have you identified your spouse’s language of Love or you are trying to fed him or her what you need?

Trust me, we cannot replicate marriages, needs differ in how they apply themselves but the principles never change.

A woman will crave affection more than sex…So will a man craved for admiration and respect more than little gifts.

Learn how to please your spouse and ask each other, “what makes you feel loved?”
Ask. There’s nothing embarrassing about asking.
I make it my point to occasionally ask my hubby,  “what can I do today to make you happy?”
Make it a habit.
Learn your spouse’s language of love.
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Mary Munene

Totally sold out to Christ. Wife to my amazing John. Blessed to be a mother of a beautiful daughter. The Lord perfecting us in our daily walk! I love marriage in Christ! It's so divine!


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