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Parenting can take a toil on you at times. The random dates and night outs soon become scarce and it’s very easy for one to slip into a never ending monotonous rut. A rut that isn’t very healthy for a marriage.

Of course its a season, a good and a blessed season at that.

My hubby drove me up to an awesome place called Golden Tulip. It’s on Muthithi street.

Its a beautiful place. It’s a convenient place to get to especially if you are around West lands or the C.B.D.

The hotel rooms and suites include executive, deluxe,standard and superior options.

© Golden Tulip

They are elegant, clean, stylish, warm and want to make you spend your every coin!

The gym is well equipped too! We just had to pass by there.

The meals didn’t disappoint either. We went to the Tulip restaurant on 1st floor. It’s cosy and warm. Had some naan bread with Prawns dipped in chilly sauce, and later took our usual Ketepa tea.

Well, we spent the afternoon away chatting, and laughing thanking God for a wonderful marriage that we willingly fight for.

Well, it might sound boring or different, but embrace the season you are in. Schedule moments where you and your spouse can go out and catch up. It might not be in a restaurant, but start simple. Go out for a walk and see how connected you will be!

© Golden Tulip
© Golden Tulip




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