In Marriage Chuckles


Marriage by all means is a serious covenant. As much as it is serious, don’t get so serious towards your spouse that you miss laughing out on what needs to be laughed at.
Laugh out loud and love each other hard! All that has it’s one peg, and that’s intimacy.

I was so tired from work and just wanted to have just a few minutes to soak in water. I really needed a breather! The day was so long, and I had to get rid of my sweat stinking clothes!
I set up everything, ran the bath water, and took my towel. Nothing felt so right and so relieving at the moment.

Just as I was about to ‘take my plunge’, a stubborn waft filled the air and I was so sure a sewer had burst somewhere.

Guess what! It was my hubby, comfortably taking a dump! And yes, he started engaging me in a somewhat serious conversation, that conventionally, would have us both sit down in the living room, with our talk book, hot water (to help us fill our mouths if the conversation happens to take a sore turns – that we will not answer in a haste), phones off, and probably a Bible!

Well, I just stared at him and we both burst out into laughter so contagious. How did we get here again! Only Christ must have sewed us into each other this much!

I can tell you it was the most fruitful conversation ever! And yes, I got my needed breather!

Well, he got his dose too a few days later! Twice the dose that is! I wouldn’t let it pass!

Now for those thinking “Oh! this is so gross”, take a pause. Bite an apple. Drink a coke, gaggle it down. That’s marriage.
It’s just beautiful. With all it’s weirdness, and functional grossness, it’s so beautiful.

He/ She is your friend – a friend who sees you naked – emotionally and physically! Don’t be so prissy!

Everybody poops. Break down the walls! Don’t be so uptight with your spouse. Trust me, it’s a level of intimacy that if you are blessed to have you, by all means, savor it! Relish in it! After all in heaven there will be no poopee time!

Yeah! We still discuss the future too, either of us taking a dump! We are okay and very comfortable with listening to each others plops and smelling each others home brew!
They’re ours!

That level of intimacy can only be achieved if both of you decide to see each other through the eyes of Christ, friendship and a sacrificial love that is naked and unashamed. It works for us!

But there’s always Mr. Bloo and Harpic to help out!


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Mary Munene

Totally sold out to Christ. Wife to my amazing John. Blessed to be a mother of a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. The Lord perfecting us in our daily walk! I love marriage in Christ! It's so divine!



  1. aggienjeru
    3 years ago

    Loooollll!! I am off my feet with laughter.
    This is real, I love it. Don’t take life so seriously until we forgot to laugh about things that are laughable.

    1. Mary Munene
      3 years ago

      Exactly! Its never that serious! Marriage is beautiful! Be blessed.

  2. Mrs. Mugambi
    3 years ago

    I so looooooovvveee this! My husband & I have laughed so hard because we totally understand this article on a very smelly level. Thanks for writing this. We just watched your interview on ebru tv, totally inspired! Keep on giving glory to God Almighty.

    1. Mary Munene
      3 years ago

      Amen amen! Be blessed and Yes marriage thrives on laughing at little quirks! Blessings!


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