You see once upon a time, I was high on my feminist pedestal, knowing all about submission and headship and really what God requires me to do in my marriage, but the world kept drowning me in its voice.

“Fight for your rights in marriage! ”
“Show him that you got some brains too! ”
“Answer back for every annoying answer he gives you!”

Yes, I was up there… An advocate of “independent women.”

Of course we should be empowered and never should anyone disrespect a woman let alone lay a finger on her.

But what I didn’t have, are the answers that only the Lord can give.

The answers to an ailing attitude, a bitter heart, a parched spirit and an untamed mouth.

Ladies, the world says we can do great and mighty things, that’s all cool and totally right, but, marriage has no interchangeable roles.

At no given time will you fill those two roles!
You will have to choose your place!

If you decide to be the head and usurp your husband’s authority, then you are cloning a monster – anything with two heads is simply a monster.

Know that your place is unique and as powerful as your husband’s headship!

He cannot do without the favor you bring! He cannot survive the harshness of this world without your intuitive pulses nor your gently touch.

He cannot find a home with “his boys.”
He cannot rest his head on their lap.

It’s all pure to be vulnerable and yielded to him.
The beauty of a woman is that her submissiveness brings out his vulnerability!

What can’t he do for you? He will be anything and everything! After all, he’s got a woman who makes him feel safe, loved, appreciated, understood, respected, and praised despite his deeply entrenched flaws.

She appreciates his scars. She reads through his silent screams. She understands his language.
She prays when perplexed instead of answering back!

It’s not a weakness to be a woman to your husband.
Never apologize for being gentle and tender to your husband!

It’s the answer that the world lacks and the WORD OF THE LORD gives!






What is your take?