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Still on sin’s deceitfulness in regards to chastity. The enemy has done quite a thorough job on us. Let’s not kid ourselves. He was His creation before God formed man. He has lived for very many years. The Bible refers to him as the “ancient serpent, called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray”Revelation 12:9.

He had the audacity to tempt Christ, the son of God into bowing before him to gain power and wealth, as though He forgot that the creation, even he, was subject to Christ’s command. He tempted Christ three times, and three times he failed, but the bible says, “he went away as he waited for an opportune time.”Luke 4:13

Now, the devil is very opportunistic. He knows when we are vulnerable and weak. He has an arrow for the one, and a dart for another, yet, with the same consequences. It doesn’t mean that vulnerability strikes one when in lacks, by all means, sin morphs to suit your situation.

Let’s not forget that vulnerability can be at a point of plenty too, when we are most jovial and our emotions are running amok with excitement, say like, “being in love.”

Today, every sin has some pretty silver slippers it puts on. Too much cosmetic has been applied on sin’s dreadful face to make it look pleasant, and indulging.

See, worldliness has been termed as “keeping abreast of the age”, immorality comes in the package called, “freedom of sexual expression”, ambivalent feelings, same-sex marriages, are termed as “rights to sexual orientation”, lack of submission among wives is termed as “female emancipation”, a man caught in adultery says it’s a “genetic make-up”, false doctrine paces around as “advanced thinking”, indifference to the truth is “liberality”, and heresy is “breadth of view”. The list is unending.

Yet, names do not alter things. Call garlic perfume, and it remains with its rank odor. Call the serpent an angel of light, and he is none the less, the devil. Sin, call it by whatever names you wish, is still sin. God doesn’t term it any less. He doesn’t give a caveat of sin for them in love, for He knows the essence of it. At the very core, He is governed by love.

No matter what we say, no matter how technology advances, no matter how lofty we feel in our own self-righteous cocoons, no matter how far advanced we get in human research, no matter how much we study and acquire accolades in our pursuit of knowledge, the WORD OF GOD stands true. It doesn’t change, it doesn’t alter, it doesn’t shift ground, it doesn’t have any fault lines, nor any point to argue about.

If you believe, then you believe in God’s power to transform – 1st Corinthians 1:24. It doesn’t matter if the whole world does it, if God is against it, then He is the majority. What we need to guard ourselves against is doubting that He has the best interest towards us.

But how often do we think God has our best sexual matters at heart? How often do we consult him when we begin to date? How often do you see a lady passing by and say like Job, “I have made a covenant with my eyes, that I will not look at woman lustfully?”Job 31:1. How often do you retreat back after a man sends you a message full of admiration and say, “Lord, if this man wants us to be in a relationship, I invite you to take over!” How often do we consult with God when we are “in love?”

Sin’s deceitfulness will make you eager to excuse yourself from any wrong acts. Even when the HolySpirit is constantly rebuking you, and your gut feeling tells you it’s wrong, sin will still find a pleasurable excuse for you. What you don’t know, is that you are at the edge.

Then comes our generation. We who are termed as the 21st century generation, and oh! the millennial generation. The generation whose hearts are hardened to the truth of the Word of God, lest one is considered eccentric, traditional and old fashioned I suppose.

We are a generation that wants to argue all out, even those clear principles that God has put down, not to kill us, but to give us life. After all, “everyone is kissing!” “How do you prove that you love someone without physically showing it to them?” Worse, we argue to indulge in sin. Is this not only folly, but wickedness.? What if a man, by God’s grace, was saved from a deadly poison, shall I therefore partake the same?

Sin’s deception gets so entrenched to a point of flattering one’s strength. With statements like, “We have been kissing for 5 months, still not had sex yet, we are strong!” , it makes you think that a retreat is as easy as on the first day, yet you couldn’t be any closer to the fall.

That another person would be in great danger not you right?

You think that you have power over your relationship, that you both can stop at a safe point. Sin lies to you that you can stand on the edge of a cliff, and look down upon the foaming sea of pre-marital sex, straight on, foot firm, brain clear, while other people’s heads grow giddy.

You may kiss, pet and fondle once too often, but that is where is all begins. Once you are wrapped up, there is no turning back. If you won’t indulge in the short lived joy of physical intimacy, your mind will forever be caged in longings of the unfulfilled desires. What wouldn’t it birth?

The deceitfulness of sin is such that it makes those who feel most secure, be the most in peril.

In the end, when one conforms to the desires of the flesh, it’s inevitable that the heart will be hardened. No matter what one says, you will always have this reply, “DO NOT JUDGE!”

Every single person needs to hear the Gospel. To grow, one should be ready to be weaned off and learn to take in hard truths with the graciousness that it deserves.

Every single Christian, dating or not, hopeful or in waiting, needs scriptural critique and instruction, seasoned by sober grace, not condolences full of pious platitudes like, “the grace is sufficient”, “we are not to judge” and the famous line, “we live by grace.”

Christ doesn’t condemn you, but you cannot cheapen the work of the Cross with the line, “DO NOT JUDGE!”

The Word of the Lord does what is most uncomfortable to our souls, and only those who yield will be saved. The Word just doesn’t comfort, but it is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work. 2nd Timothy 3:16-17. Like Christ to the immoral woman, he says, “go and do not sin anymore.” – John 8:11.

The death of Christ costed the Father everything. Therefore, Grace is not only sufficient to restore us back after sin, but it is equally sufficient to keep us from falling and sinning. Why then do we not ask for grace when our bodies are burning with lust and sexual desires?

That is what the devil is keeping us from. From knowing that the grace God gives, not only restores you back to the Father, but can keep you from going down that road of sexual sin.

This is where is all begins and ends, the deceitfulness of sin. Do not be deceived that you are strong enough to fight the power of “awakened love.” The Bible says that “love is stronger than death”Song of Solomon 8:6.




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