In Marriage Chuckles


Hey mommas! This are the 50 things that MAKE ME NAUSEAOUS DURING PREGNANCY.

  1. The sound of school buses outside our house: Gosh! Its morning! I can’t wake up! I don’t want to!
  2. The smell of my pillow: Smells like fur.
  3. The smell of my husband’s pillow: Smells like real fur.
  4. The smell of my own breath: I need to brush for the umpteenth time.
  5. The sight of Colgate. Oh that white thing! Why is it too bright!
  6. Brushing my teeth. I don’t want anything close to my lips! *gag*
  7. Looking at my husband when he’s brushing: Why is he allowing that in his mouth? *I still gag. *
  8. Waking up: Another whole story.
  9. My husband trying to wake me up: Leave me alone Mr!
  10. The smell of eggs being fried in the kitchen: It’s like layers’ mash.
  11. My neighbor cooking pancakes! Oh how awful!
  12. Showering. Not okay. Who will dry me up? I just want to sleep.
  13. The yellow cup: Smells like eggs.
  14. The white cup: Smells like paraffin.
  15. The black mug: it always smells like Lake Victoria fish.
  16. The sight of sugar: it’s too sugary!
  17. The next person seated next to me in a public transport: Why can’t they just open the window? Why is her skirt too bright? This bright things!
  18. Smelly weaves: Please wash your head!
  19. When the conductor yawns: Not good Mr! Not good!
  20. Radio stations playing reggae, rock and ragga: I need silence!
  21. Any radio station: I need silence.
  22. Loud TV stations: I still need silence.
  23. Thinking about eating fries: I can’t even finish this sentence.
  24. Thinking about eating cake: The smell of wheat made me dizzy!
  25. My own fart: How can my digestive system be that mean to me?
  26. My husband’s fart: Mean baeby, mean! inexplicably gross!
  27. Visiting the washroom: I need some strong scent here Hunnie!
  28. Bright lights. Why are they so bright?Too hard on me!
  29. Cabbage: No bright things please!
  30. Wrist watches: Too heavy baeby!
  31. Eating. Everything tastes like foam, or like sponge.
  32. Not eating: Equally nauseating. Everything smells like chalk.
  33. Thinking about cold tea: Will it get into my mouth?
  34. Thinking about hot tea: Will I still need to use my mouth?
  35. People walking too fast: please go slow.
  36. People walking slowly: please be fast.
  37. My kitchen: I can smell it as soon as I alight the bus.
  38. Bathing gel: I just do not want to shower.
  39. Walking: Can I sit down forever please?
  40. Thinking about cooking. I can’t stand my kitchen.
  41. Thinking about onions: Why is its scent this strong?
  42. Meat: Too red! No bright things again!
  43. Adverts in the television: I don’t know why.
  44. Shopping in the supermarket. Can’t explain.
  45. Yoghurt on shelves: Equally disgusting.
  46. Waiting for my turn to pay: Why are the attendants taking too long? Why do they have to smack their lips?
  47. My bra: too tight!
  48. My underwear: too tight!
  49. My clothes: Equally tight – I just want to be free!
  50. Everything else!




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Mary Munene

Totally sold out to Christ. Wife to my amazing John. Blessed to be a mother of a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. The Lord perfecting us in our daily walk! I love marriage in Christ! It's so divine!

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Posted on March 23, 2018


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