1. A SON MUST FIND HIS PURPOSE, his life depends on it.

Purpose keeps one DISCIPLINED and focused. Discipline comes from training. This refers to the purposeful dutiful act that one does, for a greater good, whether he likes it or not.
No one can get anywhere in life without discipline. When blended with purpose, its a formidable force.

Discipline was what made Winston Churchill one of the best public speakers of his time. But do you know that he had a distract lisp?
People used to make fun of how he spoke. This did not deter him from becoming what he knew he purposefully was. He would write speeches and speak to multitudes in the mirror, simulate pauses, applauses and interjections. He never quit on his purpose. He was disciplined. At the end, he enjoyed the fruits of his laborious routine – from an army officer to the UK Prime Minister who conquered the Germans in the Second World War.

The funny thing with discipline is that it rides of the wings of the power of compounding and ‘atomic habits’.
The secret is not to lose focus on the ultimate goal.

As a young boy, a son must learn that his purpose will be his provision. This can be done through positive reinforcement and a workable reward system.

Help him improve his problem solving skills and overcome the little yet so big the challenges that he faces.
Purposeful discipline gives a young boy the self drive and intrinsic motivation.
It acts as a beacon and a reference point.
It helps him navigate through life issues.

Help him strike the gold at a tender age.





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