1. Do Not Date to Marry; MARRY TO DATE!

Just the other day I was a teenager, not so long ago – almost two decades now.
My understanding of dating was a little bit skewed towards the self.
I would date for my own gain.
Kinda selfish wasn’t I?

Many are those times we date to have a spouse. It’s is pretty okay to date with a purpose, but I think it’s better to look beyond the purpose. The peril of dating to marry is that after marriage, pursuing and courting her stops.
She’s becomes another trophy in your gallery and you move on with life.

In the real sense, the converse is to be admired – marrying to date. When a son adopts the latter posture, he settles down for the right reason. It’s no longer about his status or quenching the eagerness of his kinsmen.

It’s about a lifetime commitment to love and to hold. He will have the attitude of ‘keeping the fire burning’ in all seasons. Let’s encourage them to have a bigger picture; to see beyond themselves.

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