1. You get what you deserve; not what you want


A man is worth his investment.

The amount of time and effort you invest in yourself will most definitely commensurate to what you get in return.
It’s important for a son to know that wishes will take him nowhere.

He can’t be anything he wants to be. He can only be something.

To get what he wants, discipline and endurance will play a pivotal role.

Respect is served to those who earn it.

Wealth is built over time.

Nevertheless, it is important for the young man to think highly of himself in order to attract his kind.

Remember the parable of the talents? A rich man embarked on a long journey but before he went, he gave his three servants five, two and one talent. When he came back, the ones who were given five and two talents had doubled their returns but the last one didn’t invest on the talent.
The former were rewarded and the latter was casted away and his talent retaken.
He was lazy and mean.

A lazy son should be taught how to toil before he crawls all his life, depending on you for sustenance.

Reward and encourage efforts and initiatives that little man takes.

Let him earn his spot.

That bike or rollerboard he craves for, make him earn it.

Build him through delayed gratification.
It will help him control his desires in the future.
Help him learn to appreciate the process.
He will thank you later.

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