1. You are your first priority; Build YOU.

The male sex is territorial.

Every male animal or human exists in its territory or that of another male.

Adam was put in the Garden of Eden to subdue and dominate it with his authority.
This was a man’s first kingdom. His territory.

A territory needs to be taken care of.
It needs to be safeguarded from the constant threats from the enemies, within and without.

The world is unforgiving for a weak man.

Within no time he is depleted and runs out of gas.

A coward will never get anything.
He shall surrender at the similitude of threat.

Teach the young boy that nothing comes easy.

Show him how to fight and how not to.
Not all battles are worth fighting.

Let him learn protection through your actions.

When you see him demarcating his territory to strengthen his influence, guide him.
If you don’t guide him, whatever was meant for his good might harm him at the end.

The world needs a man with a strong enduring character.

Help him build it.

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