9. Practice EQUANIMITY; Don’t be caught up in the rate race.

Competition is healthy if the goal is bigger than yourself. But it is self destructive when the focus is on you.

You know, all things may be permissible or lawful but not all are helpful or expedient.

Some things that we do have no law against them; but are they profitable?
The Bible encourages us to practice moderation in everything we do, even in matters religion.

When we practice self control through moderation, we are able to bring our cravings under control.

Our sons should understand that a man is brought under the power of that which he cannot give up.

He becomes a slave of what he can’t be able to control.

It could be a video game addiction but truth be told, sit’s not just about the game, it’s an indication, a lack of self control. The boy has not mastered his intrinsic desires. That’s why he can go all night playing Mine Craft and lazy around the whole day.

He will grow up to be become a couch potato, flipping through the channels and fattening up for no reason.

Moderation keeps him from over indulgence.

It keeps him from the obsession of competing with that boy who is always smarter and better looking than him in class.

It helps him focus on the bigger picture and keep a healthy mental posture.
Moderation will train him to accept the world realities and embrace them.

This doesn’t give him the leeway of settling for the average.
Moderation is not about being average. No. Its about self control and mastering his desires.

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