Whether you are a father to a son, or aspiring to be one, let’s build each other. If you are a mother raising son(s), this one if for you too.

It’s about time we raised strong and responsible sons. This has great reward not only to you as a parent but also for a healthier society that we can all be proud of.

A boychild goes through a myriad of hurdles before he gets to the apex of manhood.
From home, to school, to the mall and the world out there. He faces identity issues from as early as 3 years of age! The world is cruel to the boychild but are we raising strong future kings?

Have you noticed that on our roads, its easier for a motorist to give way to a lady pedestrian crossing than a male counterpart.
Look at our jails. The percentage of convicts the from the male gender tends towards 90%. We dominate in cells, suicides, addictions, violence and early deaths. But it doesn’t have to be this no more.

We can change the narrative by raising and nurturing our little champs under our care, whether a 1 month old or a 20 year old. It’s never too early or too late to start. YOU START WHERE YOU ARE.

When we raise strong boys, responsible men will conquer the future. A man will have found the man within him and acquaint with himself. (read that again).
Self discovery will lead to a life of purpose.
By doing so, men shall be busy fulfilling their purposes instead of racing with strangers on the highway just because they overtook them.
When the foundation is right, the house will stand.

Nuff of that… Let’s go!


God has created you complete.
Within you, you have all it takes to make it in this life.

Tell your son that he doesn’t have to look for anything else to enhance his masculinity.

Whether dark or light, short or tall, thin or lean, they are complete.

This will help them have a positive outlook of themselves and solidify their confidence.
They will learn how to embrace their uniqueness and use it as a strength.

In a young boy are the four persons of a man – son, brother, husband and father. Its only a matter of time that all these aspects will be revealed.
The goal here is to ready your son to embrace these persons when the right time comes because as sure as the sunrise, it will land.

If he is a teenager and is frustrated because he talks like a girl, encourage him and let him know its only a matter of time. He shall roar sooner than later. Maybe its the beards that are as scarce as a snake’s sweat. Its okay to be different.
Beards don’t make a man, manners do.

Whatever it is, help them navigate.
Your future and their future depends on your intentionality in strengthening their core. Don’t be lazy. Be a riser and raise!

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