Action: Spend time with her
Launchpad: When was the last time you spent time with your wife? Not the normal family time that everyone falls into but some intentional quality time with your one and only. Precious time set apart for a heart to heart engagement.
I know we all have excuses for not finding time alone together. Everyone has a whole list of them but are they really the reason?
When a man is intentional and has purposed in his heart, nothing can stop him. He’s like a flash flood coming downstream, sweeping anything along its way.
When he decides to do something, it will be done no matter the situation or circumstance.A man is a force. When directed in the right way, it brings life wherever it has effect. When it is misdirected, death follows its trails.
This I have found to be true.
Spending quality and productive time with your wife is loaded with benefits. It is from this premise that ideas are born, discussed and executed.
Hearts are healed and restored.
The future is created and nurtured.
Issues are sorted with sobriety.
Intimacy is cemented.
Communication is enhanced.
Your wife feels that she has been listened to.
She will express herself to you at ‘room temperature’.
Loads are shared when we spend time together. Others loads are laid down.
Your relationship is watered.
Doubts and assumptions are waded off.
All these happens when you spend time together.
I understand marriages are different and so are families. But the principles remain the same. If you are far from each other, spend time in communication by making use of the available means. Call her. Video call her. Get some time alone with her. At whatever cost for it’s a small price to pay for the stability of your marriage.
If you with your wife, snatch her from time to time away from the normal routine. Let the kids go to bed early and have yourself some few hours of catching up. Take her out and just be you, together. Eat out. Go watch nature while strolling… Hold her hand while still at it.
Pay attention to every word she says just like the way you used to when you were wooing her into your world.
Whatever common grounds you two share, exploit them to the fullest. They are your launchpads.
Get busy today oh ye men of purpose.
Make time for her.
Get intentional about it.
Bible Verse:
Proverbs 10:4;He who has a slack hand becomes poor, But the hand of the diligent makes rich.
God of all creation, time is in your hands and so am I. You created everything through space and time. Your ways are unsearchable. Help me create and make time for my wife. May our times be fruitful and uplifting, building stronger our bond and love.
In Jesus name I pray.

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