Action: Pursue Her, Again!
Launchpad: Good job my friend. You have done well. Finally, she’s all yours. As a matter of fact, she is under your roof, maybe newly married or with a couple of kids. So far so good. You won her heart. You conquered. You can now take a seat, or better yet, the couch. Grab the remote and tune to your favorite channel for sports and movies, maybe series. Eat to your fill. Relax. You are an accomplishment……. OR so you think!
Wake up oh ye sluggard.
Who sows and goes back home and waits for the harvest time, sitting down?
I am yet to see such a farmer.
A real farmer knows that the journey does not end with the sowing. Planting is one thing. But there comes watering, weeding, more watering, more weeding, propping, grafting, mulching, irrigation and then harvest. Sometimes the farmer erects scarecrows to wade off the crows and other enemies of progress. At times, an electric perimeter fence is a necessity.
That’s marriage in a nutshell.
God desires that we be good farmers of our marriages.
The time she said ‘I Do’ was the beginning your a lifetime commitment to nourish and to nurture. So till your farm for your life depends on it.
It’s an opportunity to continuously date her again.
Remember when you were in courtship? How you were all out and full of energy for her?
Remember how her words mattered?
Her feelings mattered to you more than anything.
She was irresistible. Remind her that she still ‘garrit’. You used to write her love letters and love notes. She still needs them. It’s time to put your love into words and then into actions. Tell her ‘I love you’ more often. Make love to her more often. God knows she needs it.
Many a time we become complacent and take our wives for granted. This shouldn’t be so. She is special and needs to be treated specially, always.
Pursuing her again means to improve on yourself too. Improve your spirituality, emotions, physique, grooming and recreate yourself. Let her see a better version of you everyday.
Be faithful and be a gentleman about it. Hold her hand in public, pull the seat for her at the coffee shop. Open the door for her and let her enter first. If boarding a PSV or a train or plane, let her in first, then you.
Get physical activities that you can do together. Do them.
Tease her.
Show her that you made the right choice and that she’s the best there is.
Pursue her again.
Bible Verse:
Songs of Solomon 2:4-6; He brought me to the banqueting house, And his banner over me was love. Sustain me with cakes of raisins, Refresh me with apples, For I am lovesick. His left hand is under my head, And his right hand embraces me.
Dear Lord, awaken my passion and love for my wife. Lead me back to the first love when we first met. May my desire for her and for me to improve myself for her grow exponentially. For your glory and that of this marriage.
In Jesus name I pray.

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