Action: Thank her for Satiating your needs
Launchpad: We can be needy at times, most of the times. Oh how we love to have our needs and desires gratified! We love being pampered, being lifted. We love being praised. If your lady tells you that you are her world, meeen, you puff up like a Frigatebird! That feeling you get can blow away the mountains before you. Maybe you can, maybe not, it all depends with you.
Has your wife lifted you up when you were down?
Has she respected you at home and among her friends?
Has she given you an opportunity to lead her?
Has she been giving you motivation and inspiration?
Has she been managing your family affairs well?
Has she been respectful to your colleagues and friends? What about your parents?
Does her world stop to when you have a need?
Has she sacrifed herself for you?
Does she satisfy your intimacy desires?
Has she been a good mother?
Is she a good kisser?
If some or all of these answers are Yes, appreciate her.
If none of the above is true for you, I think you have some homework to do bruh.
Sometimes there are areas that we would want our wives to improve. There are some things that we want them to do for us and some, to us….. Thank her in advance. If you want her to be Submissive, don’t push it. Tell her that she’s the most Submissive lady in the world. Point one or two instances and watch the effects. Women thrive in positive vibes. They build their very beings.
If you want her to be better in something, appreciate the little she does. The results will be outstanding. But you have to be patient with her too.
If today she has fulfilled your needs or some of your needs, let her know. If there are areas that need improvement, positively reinforce and reward the little baby steps she makes every time.
Learn to tell her thank you even in the minute things that seem irrelevant. Maybe that’s all she needs to propel her for another year.
Bible Verse:
Philippians 4:8; Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.
Everlasting God, your love has embraced me. I am eating the good of the land because you have given it to me. How I delight in your Word. At your right hand, there are pleasures for evermore. Sorround my heart with the atmosphere of gladness and gratitude. And I will extend it to my wife and my family.
In Jesus name I pray.

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