Action: Cover Her

Launchpad: As the heads of the families, we have this irrevocable calling of covering them. To cover is to offer shelter over someone or something. It is to place something under for protection against any threat.
This undeniably is an honorable duty.

Our wives need to be covered in prayers.
Going before the Lord and praying on behalf of your wife is a decent and worthy act.

Praying to God about your wife’s health, ability to balance between parenting, work and being a wife, her strength, joy and everything that is around her should be our daily routine.

Many battles are won on the knees.
Intercede for her.
Present her needs to the Lord.
Mention every one of them.
Stand in the gap for her.

Cover her spiritually from attacks.
This you do by living a worthy life and allowing God to be your Lord. Standing on guard and putting the whole armor of God will put you on a ‘ready’ state for any combative decisive battle with the enemy. And you will surely win.

Sheild her from false doctrines by aligning your way of worship to God alone and leading her therein. Study the Word of God. Meditate upon it. From this abundance, His Word shall forever be in your lips.

Cover her in public. Whatever flaws she has, don’t go parading them to your peers, colleagues and friends. Cover them with love.

Fill the inadequacies that she may be having.
Be her support system when she’s around people. Offer that ever present help whenever she needs it.
Do not mistreat her or take her love for granted.

Speaking ill of her in the presence of others will only paint you a fool who is not discreet.
They will end up laughing at your foolishness.

Covering her will refrain you from correcting her in the presence of her friends, workmates, family members or children.

Covering her means supporting her stand in public even though you don’t agree with it and settling the matter later while you are just the two of you.
It means praising her and supporting her convictions even when the world thinks otherwise.

Covering her is a conscious and continuous process that when done intentionally, it becomes a habit which later engraves into your character.

Bible Verse:
Peter 4:8 “And above all things have fervent love for one another, for love will cover a multitude of sins.”

Dear Lord, I place my wife before you today. I pray for your protection upon her. May her joy be full. May she enjoy and have satisfaction in this marriage. Teach her to build this family. Teach her to love and be submissive. Fight her battles and make her lie down in green pastures. May her strength never fail and may her cup of salvation run over.
In Jesus Name I pray.

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