Action: Make Her Your Home.
Launchpad: We all have homes. Some are very warm, some are not. Some are spacious, others can suffocate you. Some have good neighbourhoods, some have lousy neighbors. Whatever type or shape is your home, that’s where you are, that’s your home!
A home is a place of permanence, it may shift from one geographical location to another, but it will still be your home.
You may move out and move in into a new neighbourhood, but it won’t change the name. It is your home bruh.
What matters is how comfortable you make it to be regardless of the resources at hand.
The same case applies to marriage.
God designed the marriage institution to be The Home.
It’s from this place that life is brought forth and children are raised.
It is a place where values, morality and character are nurtured.
It’s a place where God provides for the whole society.
Marriage was created to be all sufficient.
Not lacking in anything.
The husband’s home in his wife.
The wife’s home is her husband.
The childrens’ home is their parents.
The man must ensure that the above preconditions are set in his family.
They are an important bedrock for a healthy family.
As the husband, your wife is your home.
She is your place of permanence.
She is your resting place after a long day of hustling.
She is your shade in a scorching sunny day.
She is your comfort zone.
She is your launchpad.
She is your firm base.
When you need to recharge, she’s your powerbank.
When you need to decompress, she’s your intoxication.
When you have a rough day at work, she’s your couch.
When you want to share a joke, she’s the first person that comes in your mind.
When you need to act, she’s the point of reference.
When you need emotional support, she’s that pillow you really need.
She’s your home.
Wherever she is or will be, it doesn’t change her status.
Wherever you are or about to go, she remains your home.
That’s the deal brutha!
Make an effort to make her your home.
While still at it, be the kind of home she needs.
Bible Verse:
Genesis 2:24; Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.
God Almighty, may I be the home my wife eagerly comes home to. Enable me to perpetually make her my home. To love her and remain faithful. To always be at home wherever I am.
In Jesus name I pray.

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