Action: Prioritise Her
Launchpad: Humans are skewed to selfishness. We want every good thing to ourselves. We love pleasure and safety. Anything that can make us feel good, is home. We don’t like discomfort or anything that can cause us pain. So we end up protecting ourselves and repulsing any kind of perceived negative energy.
This nature unless tamed, can cause serious hurts to the people around us especially those that we love.
As men, selfishness always gets the best of us. Couple it with our egos, meeen, it’s a disaster.
We want everything to ourselves.
We want to rule and control the world around us, including our wives.
We want our ideas to be ‘The Idea’.
We want our excuses to be the ‘real reason’.
We want to be heard without being asked questions.
But don’t you think that’s being selfish?
Yes it is. Thank you for your concurrence!
Our beauties at home need some latitude too.
They need to feel and know that whatever you do has a piece of them imprinted. What I mean is that it’s wise to put them into consideration in every act and thought we engage in.
When you are about to make a decision, ask yourself how your wife would take it.
Will she be okey with it or “ooookey?”
What will be her thoughts?
When about to make that life changing career decision, is it all about you or do you ask yourself how your wife will handle it?
When you are about to buy anything regardless of the size and cost, do you have her in mind?
Is she in your picture?
Is she your priority or does she come as an afterthought?
Do you have secret accounts and properties that she doesn’t even know? What will happen when she finds out? What effects shall it have on her?
When you want to engage in an illicit relationship, do you think about your woman?
Your commitment to her?
Do you think of how that strange woman will view your wife? What about her worth?
Do you think of her when you are about to start a new project?
Is she your priority?
God joined you two and made you one flesh.
You are no longer on your own. You are two in one, God’s doing!
When you make your wife an ever present member of your decisions, thoughts, perception and actions, you will grow into each other and consequently have a fulfilling marriage.
Please her. She deserves you, wholly.
Bible Verse:
1 Cor 7:33 But he who is married cares about the things of the world—how he may please his wife.
My Lord, teach me to put my wife into consideration in everything I do. For my desire is to please her and love her as you loved the Church.
In Jesus name I pray.

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