Action: Live healthy for her.
Launchpad: Health is better than wealth. It’s not just an old saying but a truth. When you are healthy, you have the latitude to do a myriad of things. When one is fit, he can literally do anything. It’s a blessing to be healthy. In this state, it is easy to take good care of our loved ones.
This state of completeness is to be treasured and guarded and only God can give us.
Health includes mental health, spiritual health, physical health as well as intellectual health.
Mental health refers to the state of well-being of the emotional, psychological and social facets of a human being.
The ability to cope with daily pressures and stresses is at the heart of a healthy mind. This means that there’s a need to keep the mind functioning optimally at all times. To do this, the man requires a conducive environment where he can freely be himself and function optimally.
He, the man, is the one who creates this environment with lucidness. If you’ve been following these devotions from #Day 1, by now you know how to cultivate such an environment in your marriage.
Spiritual health is equally important. Having one spiritual reference, God, will not only give your marriage stability but will add to it’s constancy.
God always directs where He is given pre-eminence. It’s wise to have one spiritual altar from where you offer your sacrifices. One God, one faith and one baptism. It sets a firm base from where your children will build on.
Physical health is all about taking care of your body in order to keep it at the best state of health it can be. Adopting a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising your body, going for medical check ups twice an year, finishing your doctor’s prescription, engaging in healthy courses that test the limits of your body, keeping your cholesterol at the recommended levels, avoiding junk foods, etc etc are just but a few ways of getting there.
So today my brother, make a resolution to burnt that belly. Run 30 to 45 minutes every day. Walk to work if you can, use the stairs, dance with your wife, play with your kids, ride a bicycle, subscribe to gym and be consistent. Indulge less in the processed foods and juices. Drink lots of water. Get a healthy routine that works for you.
Healthy people are happier and they enjoy life more.
Read a book or two every month. Expand your knowledge base.
I know sometimes sicknesses and diseases may come our way, but at whatever season of life you are in, you can do something about your health.
It’s the greatest investment.
One of the best living gifts you can give to your wife is to stay healthy. To be mentally, spiritually and physically fit.
So start a healthy routine today.
I promise you it will not be easy, but it will be worth it.
Discuss about introducing a healthy menu in your family together with your wife. Talk of how you can be going to church together if you haven’t been doing so. Raise a family altar in your home.
Incorporate time for physical activities that will burn some calories.
Make it work for you and for your family.
A family that does life together, sticks together.
May the good Lord guide you as you purpose to live healthy.
Bible Verse:
3 John 1:2; Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
Yahweh I thank you for the good health you have given me. Even when I am sick, you are the one who brings healing to my flesh and to my bones. You rejuvenate my mind and ready it for every good thing.
I pray that you will guide me through keeping a healthy lifestyle so that I can serve you, my family and those that you’ve entrusted me with.
In Jesus name I pray.

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