Action: Be accountable
Launchpad: A man must be accountable to a higher authority.A lone man is dangerous.
The first authority that a man needs to be accountable to is God’s authority. A good example of such kind of accountability is Jesus Christ. He submitted to God’s authority all the way up to Golgotha. He was never on his own. He always had a higher power above him that kept him focused on the mission. It was through this dependence that His strength was renewed especially when his human nature failed.
So be accountable to God in all you do.
He’s the just judge and understands our inadequacies. He wants the best for us and leads us to our place of rest, according to His purpose.
When you are accountable to God, you mirror His image. You become His character day by day.
Your desire will be to please Him.
When your soul is overwhelmed, He shall lead you to a rock that is higher than you.
He offers guidance and wisdom for free.
A man also needs someone who can tell him like it is, with authority.
This is someone who has gone before you in issues partaining life. Someone of a deeper faith.
A man of good repute and has put his house in order.
A man full of the wisdom of God.
This is someone who will tell you when you are wrong and correct you on your face without fidgeting.
A man who will tell you the truth even when it’s not palatable.
This is the man who knows your vulnerable gaps and points. He sees the assailabe flanks the devil uses to dislodge you and warns you in order to raise your guards.
This man knows your struggle and appreciates the progress you’ve made.
He has seen your lowest moments as well as the peak times and still stood besides you.
This is the man who tells you to Man Up when you start behaving like a small boy.
The man you you don’t fake when you are together.
A man who has your best interests at heart.
Someone who will help you ‘build you’ so that you can be the right person for your wife and children.
Be accountable, First to God and then to a godly man, it is beneficial in all aspects.
Bible Verse:
Romans 14:12; So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.
Almighty Father, I acknowledge your headship over my life and I submit to you for guidance, strength and leadership. May my ways be pleasing to you. May I always seek your counsel concerning issues of life and those of my marriage and family.
In Jesus name I pray.

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