Action: Stay as One
Launchpad: Gen 2:24 tells us about one of the greatest mysteries of God’s deeds, joining two people to become one. The scientists, scholars and all the wisdom of this world cannot decipher this. It takes the Spirit of God who has revealed it to the the simple hearted.
It’s only God who can take two different beings, dissimilar in all aspects, and make them one. No other power, system or procedures of this world can crack it. Only God.
In marriage, becoming one flesh is instanteneous. But the process of becoming one in other aspects is a lifetime journey, and most of the times, it requires deliberate efforts of both the husband and wife. But with God’s guidance, He sustains the process.
Becoming one in deed, in faith and spiritual convictions, in prayer, in vision, in finances, its not for the faint hearted.
Two can’t walk together unless they agree, Amos 3:3.
Agreement is all about having unity of purpose.
God honors the power of agreement.
He tells us that if two of us shall agree concerning anything here on earth, it shall be done by our Father in heaven.
Being one is a force.
The contrary is also true.
A house that is divided cannot stand.
When you as the husband is pulling from one side and your wife from the opposite, destruction is knocking at your door.
When you are having a difference of opinion on how you shall raise your children, the whole family is bound to lose.
When you divide your finances, you will have less returns for your labor and consequently stagnate.
Why do you give the devil these chances by creating loopholes?
Whenever you are divided, the devil slips in a thought, an action, an idea, that eventually gets you farther from each other. He takes advantage of the tiniest of gaps to corrupt your marriage. He’s always at work and that’s why we must be vigilant and alert 24/7.
When you fail to resolve an issue with your wife and sleep when both of you are angry at each other, he gets an opportunity to play and dance in the ‘no man’s land’ you’ve just created. It’s tragic.
His purpose is to divide you. To finish you. To undo what God’s work in your marriage.
As the man of the house, God requires of you to work out your marriage.
To unite your family and speak as one.
Sometimes you have to yield, sometimes you have to understand and be a little bit accommodative.
God has called you to be one with your wife.
To have a unity of effort and purpose so that you can progress.
Take stock of the things you’ve tried to do individually without agreeing with your wife. How far do they go?
What about those things that you have spoken as one entity? Success, prosperity and satisfaction follow such endeavours.
Becoming one in marriage is not just about the flesh becoming one. It’s joining and having a perfect cocktail of both of you in all areas of your lives.
It about having unity of purpose and direction.
It’s all about agreeing to have one voice in the things that matter.
To walk together.
To work out your marriage together.
Marriage is all about staying as ONE.
Bible Verse:
Matt 18:19;“Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.”
Holy one of Israel, your name is YHWH! Thank you for joining me with my wife. There are areas in my marriage (name them) that l need to find a common ground with my wife. Help me for I am willing. I know that you bless where there’s unity. You provide where you’ve blessed.Guide us as we purpose to be one in all that concerns our marriage.
In Jesus name I pray.

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