Action: Seek Help
Launchpad: I have lived long enough to see men disintegrate. Men who were a pillar in the family crumbling down, never to rise again.
I have seen a man so full of himself that even when he’s going down, is arrogant and doesn’t care what will become of him.
Most of the times, ego issues take centre stage. Pride issues get the best of us.
We don’t want to expose our inadequacies so that we can get help. We hide our real struggles, bottle them up and assume a posture of a perfect man in the public.
We bottle up feelings and negative emotions. We think that by ignoring them, they will fizzle out.
We look for distractions.
We get busy with other stuff just to get our minds off uncomfortable issues.
Some of us don’t have the courage to face them head on. Some don’t have the strength.
Whatever the case, it’s Okey to seek help.
It’s okey to say that I am incapable of doing this and that.
It’s okey.
It’s okey to be weak.
It’s okey to be in need of guidance.
It’s okey to hit rock bottom.
It’s okey to feel hopeless.
It’s normal to be broke and bankrupt.
It’s normal to be stressed out by issues of life and don’t known what to do.
Sometimes we are faced with ginormous responsibilities and we don’t know how to act. It’s okey to seek guidance.
It’s okey to seek restoration of your marriage from godly counsel.
Men find it hard to open up for help and this is our greatest undoing.
I have great respect for men who have come to me when they needed help or guidance on issues to do with life. I also need help at times. Mad respect for the men who ask for guidance and counsel.
Many men fall not because they were weak, no, but because they didn’t have the guts to ask for help.
There’s help from addictions, fears, failures, rejection, confidence issues, hopelessness, name it.
God calls us to Himself that we may find rest.
Jesus knew what was coming ahead. It was not an easy task. But he sought help from the Father. God strengthened him. And he was able to endure all.
The name of the Lord is a strong tower. We run to it and we are safe. When in need call upon Jesus. He has the answer to your questions. He will guide you on the way you should go.
He has also strategically placed men around us to help us in our journey.
Look around you, there must be someone who can help you with the issues you are dealing with. Godly men, if only you are willing.
Men who have gone before you and conquered. They are out here.
Why should you think of suicide when there’s so much to live for?
Why amplify your problem instead of solving it.
Nothing is new in this world, trust me.
Whatever you are going through is common to every man. What matters is how you handle it.
You will be surprised that you are not alone in this. Many men have gone through it and can help you get out of the quagmire.
You don’t have to be stuck in the rut.
You can overcome.
Seek help.
Sorround yourself with the right people.
You don’t have to court diseases associated with stress just because of your ego.
What will it cost you to speak it out?
What will you lose?
Will it be worth it?
A mentally healthy man is one who is at peace with himself and those that he loves, those who are close to him.
When you are healthy, you are more productive. The people around you prosper.
So go ahead and reach out for help.
It will be worth it.
Ask and is shall be given unto you.
Seek and you shall find.
Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.
Bible Verse:
Psalm 46:1-3; God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, Even though the earth be removed, And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though its waters roar and be troubled, Though the mountains shake with its swelling.
God I am in need of help. Strengthen my feeble bones and make me whole. Build and mould me once again. Give me endurance and resilience even when I want to give up. For the sake of your name, myself and my family.
In Jesus name I pray.

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