Almost through with this series on Marriage Devotionals for men.
I hope you’ve been blessed and have taken the bold steps along the way.
I pray that this devotional has made you a better husband and things around your marriage have changed for the better.
Just to remind us of what we’ve been able to handle for the last 28 or so, let’s begin from where it all started.
1. We started of with appreciation, that is, Appreciating Her. Our wives thrive in appreciation. They blossom. From small to big things, they love being appreciated. Don’t stop as long as it is today. It is part of their daily diet. A daily dosage will never be enough.
2. We then tackled the subject of sacrifice in marriage. The things that we need to give up for something of more value and greater return in our marriages. There are things that we can do without, especially those that created discord and rifts in the family. We must let them go for the greater good.
3. The man being the priest of the family, one of the important tools that needs to be at his arm’s length is Prayer. A praying husband is powerful. Presenting your wife and children before the Lord scares the devil. He flees. He has no chance.
4. Fighting for your wife is a good thing. You got to fight for her. She’s all you got and you are all she’s got. Fight for her space in your extended family, in the public space, in the society and for her progress. Defend her, dig in trenches and fortify your defense.  When she’s wrong in public, be wise, be on her side and correct her later when you get back home. Do not chicken out when faced with life threatening attacks against your family? Be on guard. Remember our weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty in God to pulling down of strongholds (2 Cor 10:4).
5. Little things matter to her. Those things that seem inconsequential or trivial to us matter to them. Being kind, courteous, remembering her important dates, acknowledging her, saying I love you more often, taking her for shopping, undoing her hair, the list is endless. Accommodate her thoughts. Accommodate her feminine side.
6. Love her through the seasons. Life is a harmony of seasons that are sequentially in transition. There are seasons of abundance and of lack, seasons of barrenness and of fruitfulness, seasons of sowing and of harvesting. Whatever the season, love her, hold her hand and walk together.
7. Inspire her. May she draw her inspiration from you.
8. Nourish her very being.
9. Put her on the hill. Shout it out that you love her on the rooftops. Make her presence be felt among your friends and extended family. Does she love PDA? Go ahead and fulfill this need. Clothe her with the fragrance of uplifting attributes and praises. It works miracles.
10. Spend quality time with her. Listen more, talk less. Be intentional on creating time for just the two of you.
11. Build her and she will be stronger for you.
12. Pursue her again. Court her like you’ve not yet won her heart. Keep it going. Take her out, plan for a vacation, tease her, dance with her, dance for her no matter how uncoordinated your moves are.
In a nutshell, these are some of the topical issues we’ve covered so far. You can revisit the individual devotions for more.
Continue being blessed.

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