13. We then addressed the issue of Man’s Submission to God, authority and to one another in the context of marriage. A man under authority is a man with authority. When we submit to God, we tap into His grace, power and authority.

14. Making her your home prevents you from the perils of life. Making the home comfortable is all in your hands. Your home will have immense benefits when you invest in it. Let’s stay home, that’s where we belong.

15. Give your wife some space. Space to breathe, to express herself and to be herself. If she wants time to heal from an emotional wound, don’t deny her that. Walk with her instead. She wants time to further her studies, why not?

16. Keep a healthy routine for you and your family. From what you eat and what you do. Exercise more often. Stay healthy, it’s is the best investment.

17. Pay the Cost. Nothing comes easy. For a marriage to work, we have to make it work. With God, nothing is impossible.

18. Be accountable to God and to someone that God will lead you to. A lone man is dangerous.

19. Don’t be a Thorn Tree. Be approachable. First and foremost, let’s be friends with our wives. It’s a good basis for a fulfilling marriage.

20. Stay as One. Stay United through the seasons.

21. Seek help. We all need help at some point in life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

22. Get into the marriage institution head first. Let us not be double minded when it comes to marriage the commitment and covenant. We must remain unwavering.

Please feel free to get an in-depth exposition on these and more in my previous posts on 28 DAYS OF APPRECIATION.

Thank you for sticking around through the devotion and I know you’ve been blessed.

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