Action: Pray for her and Pray with her
Launchpad: The power of a praying husband can’t be overstated.
Prayer is at the heart of a thriving marriage.
When daddy prays, the heavens listen. The devil knows that’s the war has escalated and defeat is eminent.
Appreciation is about giving. Giving oneself to prayer for the sake of your family is one of the noblest things a man can do.
A man who intercedes for his family has a great investment.
I am reminded of Job, there was no one like him in the face of the earth during his times. He walked upright and feared the Lord.
He loved his family too and prayed for them continuously.
When there were feasts, he would wake up the following day very early in the morning and go to sacrifice to the Lord for their sake, Job 1:5. He would repent on their behalf just in case any of them had cursed God in their hearts during their mirth.
He covered them in his prayers.
He knew very well of his role in their lives.
God prospered him the more.
He was wealthy and reknown.
The man is the priest of his own house.
God has given the man the priestly garments and adorned him with favor before Him.
It’s a non-transferable privilege.
In introspection, when was the last time you presented your wife and children (if the Lord has blessed you with such heritage) before the Lord? Did you mention them one by one and presenting their needs before Him? Have you been their advocate before the Lord?
What about the success they have had this far? Did you take time to thank God for it or you went all chest thumping to your friends?
I believe that if we men take the challenge and be constantly in His presence for our marriages, families would be restored. God would mold our wives for us. Our children will be better and make the right decisions.
Only if we pray.
So today I challenge you to spend some time in prayer. Mention your wife and kids.
In the evening, hold her hand and pray together. Raise a family altar in your home.
Hold the hands of your children too.
Pray with them.
Make it your habit. Make it a family culture.
Before everyone goes to sleep or better yet before supper time (whichever works for you), do it.
I am certain that this will be a turning point for many things in your marriage.
Bible Verse:
1 Thes 5:16…. Pray without Ceasing.
Dear Lord, I come to you and ask that you remove all the hinderances to my prayer life. May I always find time to pray for my family and pray with them. May I continously walk in your presence.
Guide me in this and I will follow.
In Jesus Name I Pray.

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