Action: Inspire Her
Launchpad: Every woman is unique. My wife has inherent attributes that only exist in her being, and so is yours. They are all different. This means that they have different motivation and inspiration buttons. You can’t ‘copy/paste’ your former experience with your current. It won’t work. You have to work to learn your wife’s feel good buttons as well as those that bring out the best in her. If you are already there, good for you bruh.
One of the foundations of inspiration is respect. You can’t inspire what you don’t respect. You can’t respect what you don’t appreciate and acknowledge its existence.
Respecting your wife’s feminity goes a long way in your quest for inspiring her. Understanding her points of view and from which premise she affirms her convictions will make it easy for you to live a fulfilling life.
Accommodating her decision and views will not only boost her confidence but also embolden her.
Words of affirmation are part of her regular diet. She can’t get enough of it, no matter how often you serve her this delicacy. Pat her on the back when she does well. Let her know that you are proud of what she is doing. When she makes a mistake, encourage her by positively looking at the issue at hand. Be her number one fan at all costs. You chose her, she chose you. Make it worthwhile.
Give her space to express herself. That doesn’t mean you step aside and let her walk into the unknown alone. As she does her thing, be the propellant. Charge her when she’s up to something bigger than herself.
Dispel doubts and any indication of uncertainty. Assure her of your presence throughout the process. She needs you to be there.
Reward her when she excels even in small things. Make them grand as far as it depends with you. She will love it.
Celebrate her successes. Celebrate with her when she gets a job, when she wins the employee of the month, when she learns how to cook your favorite meal, when she learns how to ride a bike or a car, celebrate her. Commend her for every positive step.
When it’s a venture in an unknown territory, be her strength. Be her source of inspiration and security. Offer yourself fully, withholding nothing. She needs you. Be her support system. The unshakeable pillar in her life.
If she gets all these from you, she can stand before the whole world.
So today, are you her inspiration? Where can you reward her? Where can you support her? Where can you propel her? Where can you affirm her?
Bible Verse:
Proverbs 31:29*“Many daughters have done well, But you excel them all.”
Dear God, you are my source of strength and inspiration. I have confidence in you that you will perpetually empower me to be of inspiration to my woman and offer her support whenever she needs me. May I rise up to the occasion when called upon.
May your plans in her life be fulfilled.
In Jesus name I pray.

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