Now i can eyes curling down, face frowning, questions and perhaps wondering as to why I would consider this as a prayer point.

The word prophet has a somewhat scary coupled with an intriguing undertone. It conjures up pictures of hairy men, bearded bald locust eating, fire sermoning men. Men who do not laugh but are stoic and nonchalant. But that’s not it.

A PROPHET is your husband too. A prophet is one who hears and speaks for God. He is a bearer of the word of God, a spokesman for righteousness, a poet of hope.

He stirs up and invites the heart to return back to godly worship.

In fact, the prophet is a servant of the church who stands outside the church in order to invite those who appear to be in it to return to true worship.

This doesn’t mean that a wife cannot hear from the Lord. She can. She should. A husband’s prophetic mantle only means that the headship of a husband has so many facets and carries a number of responsibilities.

First and foremost, a prophetic husband hears from God. He must be a man who knows the Lord’s voice, and his statues, so that he might faithfully pass it on to his wife and children.

To hear God’s voice, he must be the student of the Lord. Faithfully devouring the Scriptures, faithfully listening to His voice, faithfully seeking clarity from Him, faithfully following His direction. That’s a heavy assignment.

Secondly, he should be able to give clarity on the doctrine that should be followed at home. From the ancient days, false doctrine has led many astray. It’s not about to end. Infact, false doctrine is on the rise.

Therefore, he should be able to return or ground his family in the right doctrine. He should be able to answer his wife and his children with the right scriptural grounds, coupled by experience.

Thirdly, he ought to speak it out to his wife and children. So many husbands have abandoned their God given assignments and instead of trembling at that, many sigh in relief for not carrying on with the assignment. It’s sad.

No wonder so many children battle with their identities. The Fathers aren’t there to SPEAK LIFE into them. Remember words create. Words carry life_ Proverbs 18:4.

The Lord SPOKE in Genesis 1:3, and said, “let there be”, and the Word who was with God, created everything on earth, in heavens and under the seas.

Our tongues carry life and death _ Proverbs 18:21. A husband should therefore speak God’s word over his family.

Words that break bondages and sets them free. Words that build them and edify.

Last but not the least, he should confront the sins of his wife and children. This doesn’t mean that he should push them all over in spiritual pride or arrogance, but he should be able to correct and rebuke his wife and children in love.

Of course there are some husbands who think leadership means being passive or assume jury at the sins of the wife. That’s not it.

But if a family has to move as ONE in Christ, the husband has to be ready to accept the responsibility of confronting his family’s sins. That means that he should begin by repenting about his own sins then confront what is not right in his family.

CHRIST loves us so much that the purity of our souls mattered to Him. Therefore, through the power of the Holy Spirit, He convicts us of our sin, righteousness and judgement_ John 16:8.

If our marriages have to honor the Lord, then we have to be ready to let go of our holier than though cavaliers and accept correction too as wives.

However hard our flesh wrestles, we have to learn how to accept our sins and repent.

We need to pray that our husbands will learn of their prophetic assignment in our marriages and take that office seriously.

It’s not just an office to command around, but cause growth to all who interact with him.

His prophetic mantle should be beyond what he feels but be keen in obedience to Christ. That they will labour for our purity and santification and graciously present us always to the Father.


Heavenly Father in Jesus name, I thank you for my husband’s mantle as the prophet of our home.

I pray that he will know what this sacred responsibility entails.

May he listen to you faithfully. Teach him your ways, guide his path that he will know your precepts.

May he pass on this Word, the true Gospel to us. Give him courage to confront every sin that rears it’s head in our family, that we will be found Holy and acceptable to you.

Give him grace to grow in you and anchor himself in your word.Without your help, he cannot.Uphold him with your right righteousness hand.

In Jesus name I pray Amen.




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We are John and Mary Munene and we…