Ephesians 6:1-2:

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise.

When you were under your parents authority, you had no option but to follow their rules and instructions to the latter.

Now that you have your own family, the issue of following your parents rules, no longer holds water. This is where honour comes in. Honour to your parents.

You see, the thing about God, is that he places all His commandments contingent upon him.

We do not honor our parents because they are so good, so efficient, or so present, we honor them because its unto the Lord. If we have to peg or our honor on their goodness, then God would cease to be God.

It is the only commandment that caries the promise of long life to us as their children.

So what happens that as we grow up, we lose the honor that we once accorded them? It’s Pride. We put our confidence on our jobs, wealth, marriage, spouse, children, accolades and achievements.

Pride sits still at the heart of every man or woman waiting for the right time to awaken. Such an opportunity presents itself during the time of courtship and marriage. Yet, there’s no other befitting time in the life of child, that one needs parental blessings as when we are stepping into the season of marriage and in marriage.

I love how my husband, Johnny put it in the series “HONOR TO PARENTS” – He wrote, “You need them more than they need you! God placed them in your life for a purpose and a reason. Honor them.”

Honor is not just simply obeying a set of rules, following without knowing its end. Its holding someone or something with the highest regard. It’s not just captivating someone, but capturing someone’s heart by what you do for them and to them.

In Genesis 24, Rebecca could have chosen to keep all the events by the well to herself. She could have chosen to simply go with Eliezer and the men, after all, the mission was for her, but she didn’t. The regard she had for her Lord, pushed her to do what was right. To honor her father and mother.

Eliezer too understood what honor was, and he followed her together with his entourage to ask for her hand in marriage.

Marriage is not a carte blanche for self-absorption or disregard to your parents. Just because you think that your love will suffice in the long haul, doesn’t give you the elbow room to dishonor your parents.

Parents should be honoured.

God commanded the men to leave and cleave to their wives in their God ordained mantle of being husbands.

Leaving and cleaving doesn’t mean to forsake or neglect.

Husbands should lead their families in honouring their parents. The children are watching to see, and trust me, they will do as they see.

We should pray for them that they will be burdened to honour the parents of both sides.

This doesn’t mean that the parents should be given room to interfere with your marriage or offer support to them at the expense of the family.

It means that a husband should first consult with his wife on any support that he feels should be accorded to the parents.

That support, or tokens of appreciation, should not be lopsided. It should be accorded with impartiality. Catering to all the parents in fairness.

So what if they are demeaning, wrong and always hurt me? Well, it’s true some parents do not live upto that name. However, we should learn to leave justice unto the Lord. Instead of carrying bitterness in your heart, which eventually roots in and gives forth fruit of unforgivenss, release that burden into the Lord’s hand.

The world is already vile. The burden of unforgivenss is too heavy to carry in this momentary life on earth.

Keep doing good to them. The Bible says it’s like dumping hot coals on one’s head. The Lord will settle the accounts for you. Remain faithful in honouring your parents, and lead as a husband who seeks to imitate CHRIST.

Life is fleeting, youthfulness is fugacious. In a twinkling of an eye, you will pray for the same honour to be accorded to you. Honor your parents in the Lord, for this is not only good, perfect, nice, but RIGHT.


Heavenly Father in Jesus name, I thank you for my husband.

Lord you have commanded us to honour our parents in you. Honour does require strength. I pray for divine strength on my husband. May he honour his parents. May he honour my parents.

I pray that he will have wisdom on how to cater to their needs. I pray for insight to honour them without arrogance or a taint of pride.

Keep being the light unto his feet and a light unto his path.

Lord remind him of his godly mantle to his children. That he will be honoured the same way he honours our parents.

Keep his heart humbled, and his mind fixed on you.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.




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We are John and Mary Munene and we…