Genesis 2:24
Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Once a man marries, the Lord commands him to leave, and “cleave” to his wife.

The root word in Hebrew means to cling, to adhere, to abide fast together, to follow hard after, to be joined together, to keep, to overtake, to pursue, to take. 

To leave ones parent’s doesn’t mean to forsake or abandon. It simply means to shift the first allegiance to another person who is now your spouse.

Your spouse becomes the first person you run to, talk to, pray with, consult with, and prioritize over all other all earthly affiliation. Again, this is NOT parental abandonment but the responsibility to honor ones father and mother. 

Leaving isn’t easy, cleaving is even harder, but it has to be done if two have to be paneled into one as “one flesh.”

Husbands must leave and cleave to their wives.

Ever had of men referred to mama’s boys. The issue isn’t the reference, it’s the action behind the referenced word.

They are men who have been unable to cut the umbilical cord from their parents and hence unable to connect fully with their wives.

Mr., I know you love your mama, we all love our parents, but marriage makes the grounds shift into another realm altogether.

Your wife becomes your FIRST priority.

FIRST, a husband must leave home physically. I have seen enough cases of a mother in law interfering with her son’s marriage. We always suggest that in the early stages of the marriage, move away from your parents. Of course there factors to consider, things like care for ones aging parents, however, begining away is best for cleaving.

You are both able to focus on you two, learning how to forbear with each other’s eccentricities and forgive each other’s sins.

Secondly, as a husband , you must know that your wife takes on your first priority. Her needs become first. Her needs should be taken care of first before going to take care of your extended family’s needs.

Thirdly, every decision you make as a husband, should be consulted in togetherness with your wife, not your parents. You should not put down your wife’s ideas while hailing on your parent’s.

You do not need to run your wife’s thoughts through your parents. Discuss them as you two and make your conclusion, unless you BOTH NEED COUNSEL or another opinion.

Remember that your parents built their home independently from others, but dependent on each other. So do the same too.

Your wife will NEVER be your mother nor build her home with the same template as your parents.

Fourthly, finances have to have unity. For that to happen, it’s good to realize that we just but stewards. Money has no “mine, or my money.” Talk with your wife about the income and the family budget.

Do not spend on your parents without your wives knowledge or consent. Help your parents, but in full disclosure of each other’s accounts. Honour your parents, but do not abandon them.

This is what we should pray about. That our husbands will know that God’s plan for a marriage is conformity to His plan. His blueprint is of oneness and that should be the eyed prize.

That the Lord will cause them to cleave unto us in everything. 

That they will joyfully honour our parents in everyway, but respectfully keep our homes free from interferences.

May the Lord cause them to go back to His injunction of leaving to cleave. 


Heavenly Father in Jesus mighty name, I thank you for my husband. Lord your Word breathed hard on him and caused him to leave his parents. I pray that we shall continue to CLEAVE onto each other.

I pray that there will be no interfering parties in our marriage. I pray that your divine counsel will stand strong, churning his heart always towards your voice.

I pray that we shall be one emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. That your divine principle of leaving and cleaving will take root in our marriage.

May our cleaving cause us joy. May our cleaving give us peace. May our cleaving bring you glory and honor. May you be glorified in our marriage.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen




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We are John and Mary Munene and we…