Proverbs 31:23

Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.

There are so many famous men out here, but not many are known at the CITY GATES.

There are many husbands, but not many are known at CITY GATES

Many are known to walk on the road that leads to a strange woman’s place. Other’s are known by their acts of debauchery and wantonness. Others are known by the clanging noise they make, in other words, their foolishness. Others are known for their drunkenness.
Those are not known at the city gates.

In the ancient days, business and legal matters were once settled at the city gate.

Those were places for the wise and honoured men. Men who had a good reputation, unquestionable character, godly virtues and exceptional leadership both in and out of their homes.
They were servant leaders.

Many cities did not waste money on bureaucratic settling of legal matters or investing in elaborate costly buildings. 

Wise men met at the city’s entrance, where they settled business conflicts, legal issues, marital and civic questions. Contracts were sealed at the city gates, the code of conduct was enforced too.

It was a place of honor, reflecting a man’s depth in wisdom and in business success.
Fools were not allowed there (Proverbs 24:7).

Question is, is your husband known at the city gates? What makes him known?
Is he known for his wisdom, faithfulness, Godly character or is he known for his immoral, odious, beyond the pale character?

Lest we forget, the traits that build up such a godly husband are those of the virtuous woman. These are the ‘ezers’ who want to obey God, not because it’s popular, but because it’s right. 

The fear of the Lord, the love for God and desire to obey his Word, will the have a cause and effect on our husbands.

We need to pray that we will be wives inspired by the Holy Spirit to keep praying for our husbands.

We ought to pray for our husbands character, that they will be known at the city gates, not the city streets.

That your husband’s name will be mentioned alongside virtuous traits of honour, grace, patience, generosity, love and faithfulness.


Heavenly Father in Jesus name, I thank you for my husband’s name and character.

I pray that he will be known for good deeds. I pray that he will be known for a right stand. I pray that he will be known for righteousness. I pray that he will be known for passing the right justice. I pray that he will be known for prayer. I pray that he will be known for faithfulness.

I pray that he will be known for being a great man of valor. A man molded by you, for you.

I refuse anything that could derail him from your presence. I refuse dishonour to his name. I refuse him being known for wrong things.

Jesus I surrender him unto you.

All glory will be unto you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen




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We are John and Mary Munene and we…