Earlier this year, I got a pressing burden in my heart to teach my fellow wives on how we ought to pray for our husbands.

Don’t get me wrong, am still a practitioner on this other side, still assembling my toolkits daily, probably unpacking some baggage. That notwithstanding, I know the power of prayer in a man, and not just any man, a husband.

Unfortunately, I have heard women say that you do not need to pray for a grown man. I actually think that’s a white lie from the devil. It is a doctrine of error.

Ephesians 6:18 declares this, Pray at all times in the Spirit with every prayer and request, and stay alert in this with all perseverance and intercession for all the saints.

Your husband is the first neighbor you have. No one knows him better than you do.
No one knows his battles, his weaknesses, his failures, his struggles, his burdens better than you.
If God has placed you right there by His side, who then is better placed to intercede on his behalf?

Let’s remember that our husbands not only need our respect, companionship, regard, love and honor, above and beyond all, they need our earnest prayers. Prayers made not from a point of self-fulfillment, but for God’s glory alone.

When we seek God’s will for our husbands, automatically the radiadiating glory permeates all that surrounds him.

I understand that there are women who have been through enough turmoil. I know more that have been heartbroken.
Even more and more have been vexed, “praying for a husband” who seems not to change. A husband who swings right off the pendulum of faithfulness.

Whilst that’s a sad state of affairs, prayer isn’t. Sometimes, change also doesn’t come from without, but begins from within. We, wives on a journey to begin perfected like Christ, do not need to bend that reality.

I know prayer works! It could be instantly, or it could take longer than anticipated. However, that shouldn’t be the yardstick on which we peg our obedience to God’s Word on.

Our situations should not dictate our obedience.

Let’s not act in folly like Job’s wife, that Job rebuked her and said, “Should we accept only what is GOOD and not ADVERSITY from the hand of the Lord?”- Job 2:10

Waiting for husband with a fledgling spirit to spring up into maturity can be a toll order in our humanness, but it could be a perfect time for His strength to be made perfect in us _ 2nd Corinthians 12:9

Well, this is not a clarion call to “hang in there” if you are in an abusive marriage. Seek counsel, seek safety, don’t just “stay put.” Seek godly counsel for you two. Note, I have said you TWO.

This is for us, as wives, to get back our spines in our marriages, train our hands to bend the bow and scale the walls.

Better yet, this is our time to completely crush down the walls that the devil is trying to erect illegally in our homes, seal down our hedges, uproot, bring down and destroy all powers of darkness in our marriages, and ask our Lord to plant back the seeds of reckless love, abundant grace, bold faced, heart drenching faith in our husbands.

Regardless of where your husband or your marriage falls on the continuum of terrific to tolerable to terrible, there is always room for improvement.

Prayer can make a bad marriage good and a good marriage great.

“So why is it always about the wife praying? Why not him?” First and foremost, because we are the wives. Secondly, because praying isn’t a means of gaining control in our marriages or arm twisting God into our bidding.
Thirdly, I think the second point is reason enough to end the funny contentious issues that arise when we are told to pray.

We have to move from such irrationality.

If we have to move in Faith, then we have to bury down the contentious spirit. Faith and Logic are incongruous. The Word of the Lord is immutable.

Join me next week as we devour the scriptures, and speak those words of life back into our husbands and marriages.

Let not the devil lie to you. A Husband can be faithful to his wife, he can say NO to temptations, he can love deeply, he can care tremendously and he can bravely lead.





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We are John and Mary Munene and we…