D.I.Y: Write down a card list of his vision. Things that he has told you he wants to accomplish. Remind him that he can still do it and more so, encourage him to ‘go for it!’
Go point: Encourage him, more so, be very vocal about his strengths’!
Remember when you were dating? Things that he told you he wants to achieve maybe in 2, 5, 10 years?
I totally understand that life happens! We get disillusioned along the way, responsibilities happen and some things take a back bench.
The bibles says that wherever there is no vision, people perish. That is still the same case in marriage. When a family lacks vision of where they are going to –and take a step towards it, then it’s only a marriage that is enduring, but not thriving.
We, have to be deliberate in setting the right temperature for our husbands to thrive and run with the vision they once had for us as a family.
You only need to run with his vision too by being his greatest cheerleader and supporting him through it.
The hardest hit place in marriages and families are finances. We have allowed the world to swallow us in the façade that the financial basket should NEVER EVER be ONE.
When the Lord said hat marriage is a call for oneness, every facet of marriage should be ONE – that includes finances.
Do you know that you are only a steward of what the Lord owns? It is not your money. Keeping secret bank accounts, stashed cash, for a rainy day is only going the devil the chance to accuse you before that Lord, after all, aren’t you breaching your vows?
Whether you get into debt or thrive, your vision is one. You work through the debt as one. You bear the losses and the profits as one. You jubilate or cry as one. Even if your husband has made the worst financial blunders in investment, you work through it as ONE! One vision.
Don’t let the world cheat you into finding the devil a seat at your table. He will take up the whole house.
You could say, “Mary my husband is irresponsible especially in financial matters, that’s why I need a secret account.” I will tell you this, there is still a way of being very honest to your husband about the current situation in your home and why you are suggesting to take the necessary steps.
For instance, if your husband is not working and demands money every time, you could tell him in the most respectable way that, “Hunnie, I know we are going through a financial crisis. I understand your point of view, but this is what we have at hand. We have a loan we are servicing, rent, utility bills, fees etc. etc. We cannot afford to have any extra. I know that you have a great vision for us and I believe that we will get there someday, all I ask is for you to bear with me as I help you, help us.”
All am saying is get your words right and run with his vision.
You are not responsible for your husband’s obedience to Christ, you are only responsible for your own obedience.
VERSE OF THE DAY: Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Lord Jesus,
I thank you for our marriage. Thank you for my husband’s vision for us. I admit that I have not been supportive and even gotten so passive about it, leaving him alone to work through the struggles and pains alone. I admit that I have been a constant pecker at his failures and our stagnation yet you called us to be ONE in everything.
Lord Jesus, help me put down this robe of self-absorption and work for my marriage. Help me run with my husband’s vison even when I don’t feel like. Help me support him even when he has disappointed me. Help me hedge his heart from more disappointments by being ONE with him in our vision.
In Jesus name I pray.

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…