D.I.Y: Get a gift for your husband. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but we’ll thought through.
Go point: Be full of praise about your husband more so to other people.
A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown. Proverbs 12:4
The truth that the Bible sheds on this and says that I am my husband’s crown is so amazing but yet so challenging.
Kings were not known without their crowns. Their crowns were adored with expensive jewelry and silk. They were delicately taken care of the and not everyone was allowed to come near them let alone polish them.
They were symbols of triumph, power, might and more so, glory and splendor.
I’m amazed how God would draw such a striking comparison of a wife’s character to the crown. That I am my husband’s strength, might, power, royalty, beauty, empowerment and splendor.
A King, is not one without his crown.
Your husband, not only needs a submissive wife, one who encourages him, prays for him, loves him, chooses him, but he also needs a wife who is an embodiment of strength and of royalty that lifts him up and adorns his life.
We have the power to enhance our husbands image or cause decay in their lives. Whatever you do, say, choose, has a ripple effect to your husband. You have immense ability to showcase his heart and character, and let others know if he is a man worthy to stand above others and receive great respect. The challenge lies therein.
A crown needed constant care, polishing and was always guarded heavily. That is how we should be to our husbands. Thinking about what God has in plan for me a wife to my husband makes want to work harder and harder for my character and purity. Of course it’s not by power, or might but by God’s grace.
I cannot be crown without having a great character. The two are not exclusive nor can one thrive without the other one.
For those not married yet, you may wonder “how does this apply to me?”
Being a crown doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t begin when you become a wife, it begins as soon as now, before marriage.
It is purposing in your heart, that you will be a virtuous woman who will, at the right time, be found by that man, still holding onto godly virtue.
We should never stop wanting to better our husbands. We should never stop testing our character, searching the Lord on how we can serve better, and finding ways to encourage and build our husbands up.
This passage has a similar correlation to Proverbs 31, where we read about the woman whose husband sat “in the gates with the elders.” Because of her love and support, she helped build him to a position of honor and respect.
It is my prayer that I could be that rock and support for my own husband. I want to see him sitting in the gates. I want to see him crowned with respect and honor. I want to challenge myself to build my character and continue making changes wherever the Lord leads me.
Is your husband respected because of you?
Do you carry yourself in a manner that brings him praise?
Are you discreet and chaste, or clamorous and obnoxious?
Do people tell him that he married a good woman or a foolish woman?
I pray to God that I will not be hard headed, complacent or unresponsive, but that I will be receptive in learning what it means to have a “noble character” and how to put that into play in my marriage.
We have a beautiful purpose in marriage. Crown your husband.
VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 12:4 A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown.
Lord Jesus
I thank you for this day.
Thank you for calling me to be my husband’s crown. Thank you for giving me such a high profile.
Lord Jesus, help me crown my husband. Help me build him that he will be well respected among many. Give me wisdom that I will advise him according to your ways and precepts. Make me the strength that he so needs in this world. May I beautify his life. May I be the fresh aroma that he needs every day. May I be his source of strength and respect from far and wide.
May I cause him to be well regarded all for the glory and honor of your name. Lord, help me be that crown that you desire for me to be in my husband’s life. May I be the source of his lifted countenance.
In Jesus name I pray,

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…