D.I.Y: Do an act of service that demonstrates your servitude attitude to him, that you will follow his lead.
This act should be one that costs you! Remember it’s an ACT OF SERVICE..NOT A GIFT!
Go point: Be full of gratitude.
This never goes down well with most women, but well, the Bible is the absolute truth.
I can never speak out of my mind, but out of the mind of Christ.
You see, the Bible commands us to be submissive to our husbands. Period. To be submissive is a command from the Lord but it’s purely your prerogative.
Submission as I have said again and again is not what the world has purported it to be using strong feminists to be against marriage and men! The problem is, aggression and combativeness never works with men in a marriage. This is because God made them so. It’s in them to dominate!
They tend to fight tooth and nail when they feel challenged. The world doesn’t know feminism. It’s too corrupted, too rancid that a woman who embraces the worldly view of feminism reeks a foul smell of decay!
Feminism, as the Bible puts it, is not about aggression or “win-at-all-cost” approach. The Bible embraces feminism as submission, with a quiet and calm spirit, knowing too well that we are unique but of equal authority in marriage.
He, your husband, has the responsibility of leadership, you nurture the home. None can function without the other. So when you are there trying every bit to be heard, getting wrong advice from women who have no idea of what building more so in marriage entails, then you are setting up for an imminent failure.
I understand that sometimes, we find our husbands reasoning a bit off. They suggest things that are way off the book. We are different, we will never think alike. I get. I am a wife, so I clearly understand.
But submission doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t suggest otherwise. It doesn’t silence you in your marriage. The bible says that she “speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue” (Proverbs 31:26).
See, she speaks, a wise woman speaks, but with wisdom and faithful instruction in her mouth. That is where the rubber meets the road ladies. Wisdom will dictate to you that you should follow his lead (as long as it’s not sinning), but suggest other great ways to make HIS IDEA better.
Ask me, I have been there. Trying so hard to assert my independent mindset on my husband. It did more harm than good.
So he wants to buy a house and you want to build, tell him, “Hunnie, that’s a great idea and so blessed that you want a home for us, though I suggest we build because of a, b, c. What do you think?” If he is still adamant, say, “It’s alright, I trust your decisions for us.” Then run to Christ! Tell Christ to change your husband’s mind if you still aren’t at ease.
There are myriad of examples in our day to day lives that I have followed his lead, and Christ has changed his mind without me being so “strong and assertive.” Our beauty is in submission. Follow his lead!
VERSE OF THE DAY: Colossians 3:18 Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.
Lord Jesus
I thank you for giving me the blessing of a marriage. Lord you have commanded me to follow my husband’s lead, but Lord, it’s so hard.
I really want my way and my way alone. Following is not pleasing to me, yet you said in your word that the one who desires greatness should be a servant first. Lord help me serve my husband in following his lead.
When his way doesn’t ogre well with me, help me trust in you to make him change his mind or ways. I relegate my control to you. I surrender my will and desires to you. Help my husband make decisions for us that will push us forward. Help me follow his lead Lord and have a calm spirit that will attract him towards me.
In Jesus name I pray,

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…