D.I.Y: Think about those things that your husband has invited you over and you passed over his requests. Write them down and begin taking interests in them one by one, step by step.
Go point: Be interested.
I was never a fan of football; I still don’t think my enthusiasm is still at per with my husbands but I am definitely not where I was when we began. I am always there where he has a game to watch. Well, sometimes not to watch the game, but watch him instead (pun intended)! Having common interests is great…But being interested in your spouse’s interests in definitely on its own bar.
Remember how your dating was? You would take him to all his escapades without a thought ND he would take you to all your chick flicks without thinking twice? Then what happens 1, 2, 3 years down in marriage? Where does all the enthusiasm go to? The truth is marriage exposes a lot of our flaws. It magnifies what was initially obscured by exhilarating love and this is where the wheat and the tares get separated.
How many times have you passed his requests of just sitting down and watch his game?
How many times have you told him that you are not interested in what he does?
How many time have you told him,”just go do your thing?”
Your love has now to be cultivated, beyond your interests too! The dazzling flamboyance is no more, and now, both of you have to be get prepared to get a little or a lot messy. Getting interested in your spouse’s interest is part of cultivating your marriage.
It speaks the language that your spouse clearly understands without having a round table for the two of you. Many people think that it massive miraculous events are needed to make a marriage a marriage work, but in truth, it’s the little small tweaks that make the biggest peaks.
It can seem utterly insignificant to you to watch that football match with him, go for rugby with him, water rafting, ball-paining, but to him, it spells, “I LOVE YOU!”
Secondly, in marriage, you have to be a learner. It’s foolish to think that you are all so sufficient. We consult, we still ask for advice, we listen. You can never graduate form your spouse’s class, so strap up your boots to learn.
Be interested in his job, his business, his likes, ask questions. Don’t be a passive wife, otherwise you might miss to see some loopholes until way later. Get going when he asks you to go with him, after all, you are with your husband. See who he hangs out with, observe their mannerisms, it might as well give you cues on what to pray for and how.
Remember that we think differently, so we might not have the same language of love, but you can have one language with your spouse- be interested in what interests him! Be flexible, be adaptable.
VERSE OF THE DAY: Philippians 2:4 Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.
Lord Jesus,
I thank you for the grace that you give all so sufficiently to then that ask of it from you. This day Lord, I pray for grace to be interested in my husband’s interests. I pray that I will not pass his request, nor belittle what he love doing. Lord, help me find the grace to accommodate what I don’t feel like doing.
Give me the strength to look out for his interests with the same zeal as ask of mine too. Bless me with wisdom on how to handle situations that do not seem so favorable to him, above all, help me build with my hands and with my mouth.
In Jesus name I pray,

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…