30 days of gratitude: Day 6- Listen to him.


We tell couples that they need to talk but often than not, we forget to instruct them on how to listen. If you are outspoken, forthright or bubbly, you do know very well that it’s easy to dominate a conversation.

We make our points known and hold onto our convictions with a tight brace. We talk to be heard and rarely do we incline ourselves to listen and listen well. There’s nothing wrong in talking, but in talking without listening, the chances of forgetting that other person needs to be listened to are so high.

The worse part when is when opinions seem to conflict. Rarely do we listen to understand. We talk make our opinions heard, or ignore them in totality.

Do you really listen to your husband? Do you listen to his opinion(s) or are you aloof to what he says? Do you seek to understand his side of view?

Secondly, in listening, there’s also asking, because in asking, you get clarity over his opinions.The problem with us is that we never ask. We take in what our husbands say and rarely do we ask “what” they mean. How will we then understand if we don’t ask? There’s no harm in asking to understand, because it means that you have not only listened, but are careful to understand.

Today, let’s listen to our husbands. Not just their verbal communication, but their voice variations and more so, their unspoken words. Let’s listen to their silent words, and their body language. It’s rare for a wife to miss her husband if she atunes herself to listen to him. Our husbands talk – but we never listen.

Let’s listen in today, and may this mark the beginning of a steady growth towards listening. Switch off the TV, put the kids to bed, the house chores can wait for 30 minutes, put down the phone. Face him and listen. Listen to understand. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: James 1:19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.

D.I.Y: Ask him how his day has been. Listen to his heart too – if he’s tired, give him time to decompress. Ask him if he needs anything – snacks, a meal, watch anything. Listen to his tone, listen to his verbal communication.Go point: Be attentive, to his voice, tone variations and body language.

PRAYER:Lord Jesus,Am here again at your throne. This time Lord, I need you to teach me how to listen. Your Word says that the sheep listen to your voice and they follow you – for you are the Good Shepherd. I am listening to you Lord.

Teach me to listen to my husband too. Teach me to read beyond what he simply articulates with his mouth. Teach me to know what he silently yearns for by observing his mannerisms and acts.Teach me to listen to his needs and attend to them accordingly. I cannot do it by my own strength. I need you Lord to walk with me. I need you Lord to fill me with wisdom.

In Jesus name I pray.Amen#marriageworks#Godspeed

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…