D.I.Y: Make time for reconciliation. You can sit down with him, stand up, kneel down, cuddle him (Make sure it is FACE TO FACE) – whichever works for you and say, “ My love, I know that we have rubbed each other wrongly, I am sorry for the misunderstanding, please forgive me.”
Go point: Be the bigger person. Put down the pride and reach out to him FIRST.
Isn’t it hard? Especially if he’s the one who has offended you? We would rather wait for them to pull their acts together and say ‘am sorry’ first. Right?
Totally understandable but for how long? How long will you both rotate around the circle of holding offences while none of you wants to grow?
The Lord is asking us today to be the willing factors in our marriages. To be the change catalysts. You cannot sit back every time you have been offended waiting for him to make a truce with you.
You both didn’t sign for a peace treaty. It’s a covenant. Yes, you might think that it is making him lazy in matters reconciliation, but it’s actually teaching him a lot more than you can think. Silent treatment might work once, the second time he might reach out to get the SEX, the third time, it will be more than a hyperbole of drama – so he will retreat back.
The inevitable effect will be a nagging bitter woman who is scared but at the same time has no control. Is it worth it? A nagging woman is like a leaking faucet. It’s not possible to keep up with a bitter, nagging and critical wife. As I previously said, get your “how to”, it goes a long way in sorting out an impasse, non the less, be the change catalyst.
Take the bold step of asking for forgiveness (even if you are 200 percent correct). That will be more than enough to teach him about peace. The Bible says that they are won over by our actions1st Peter 3:1.
Rightness is only valid in the context of reconciliation. The Bible says that it is our choice to make peace. It’s not a card that your husband holds. You hold the peace card too! Use it.
Seek peace with him. Peace has to have a sacrifice and that sacrifice is worth it!
VERSE OF THE DAY: Romans 12:18, If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.
Lord Jesus,
Am not so good when it comes to asking for forgiveness. I would rather block my husband off and wait up.
But you call me towards something that you personally did. Running towards a bride who seems to care less. Washing her and cleansing her, and making her spotless. So today Lord Jesus, I pray for a bigger heart. Heart of reconciliation with my husband. A heart to make peace.
Forgive me Lord for listening to wrong advice that silent treatment works. Forgive me for taking the value of peace in our marriage for granted. Today Lord, help me make peace with my husband. Give me the grace to always be the bigger person without gloating about it. You have told me in your Word, that peace is always dependent upon my choice to make it. I need to make peace with my husband in areas that we have disagreed.
Teach me to love him even through the hard seasons of our marriage. Above all, teach me to make peace with him. In your peace, there in lies your blessings. Grace me lord.
In Jesus name I pray.

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…