Children grow too fast.
At one moment they are an extension of your arm, the next time you are walking them down the aisle.
At one time you are teaching them how to hold a teether, the next time they are graduating with a doctorate degree in physics.

When a child is born, we tend to monitor every single milestone they make.
We are keen on his or her psychomotor developments.
We are excited when he finally utters “mama” or “dada”.
We marvel at the crawling, the toddling and finally the running.
It’s quite a beautiful journey to behold.
One week of an infant can be full of development milestones.

As they grow older and become independent, more often than not, we tend to loose our grip on them.
We recede back to our busy lives trying to make a living and secure a bright future for them.
Yes I understand bills have to be paid, school fees has to be settled and loans have to be financed. Life has to move on but what I don’t agree with is getting on with life at the expense of family.

Childhood will not wait for you to work for 10 years then you can come back and assume your parental roles and pick up the duties from where you left.

That preteen will not wait for you to study your masters and doctorate degrees then come back and instil some order as his or her hormones make their debut.

The social media will not sit tight in order to allow you get that business on track.

As you are busy, your child’s character is being shaped and so is his or her future.

With or without you, growth is taking place.

With your supervision or aloofness, behaviours are changing with one click, one tap and one scroll.

Before you know it, the toddler you left at home is passed puberty stage, she’s done with adolescence and already has a driving licence.

It happens so fast that sometimes we miss the most important things in parenting.

The essence of being a parent is parenting.
From bringing up a child in the way he should go to leaving an inheritance for your grandchildren.

God knows we can handle this as long as we strike a balance.
He has given the marriage institution enough grace to provide all under one roof.

He has also given us freedom to choose how to live and consequently, we are not immune to the products of our choices.

Like I always say, anything can wait for the sake of family.

May the Lord help us to be intentional parents right from conception.
Foregoing our immediate comfort and gratification for a greater good in the future.
May we find time for our spouses and children.

There’s no excuse for not being an international dad.

There’s not excuse for not being an international mom.

Whether your spouse kicked you out or stuff happened, you can still be the best parent to your own seed.
If you are willing, you will find time, resources and opportunities to be with your children no matter where they are.

Why? Because growing up won’t wait for you!

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