God creates a man, man finds the woman; but, the one who makes her prudent, wise, and virtuous is the Lord.
Mr., you might buy her everything, call her every sweet thing (which I highly recommend), but, your efforts can’t make a woman prudent, save by the Lord.
She needs to have an abiding satisfaction, first, in God.
Lady, you might look like Miss world, have a smashing figure, with a beautiful smooth skin, but, if you will not allow yourself to be molded by the Lord, there will be tough times ahead gal.
You need to have an abiding satisfaction, first, in the Lord.
Look the “Hollywood” kind of love, you meet Miss whoever today, and you divorce tomorrow.
I mean, if having a figure ‘8’ could keep a man, then we wouldn’t have all these divorce cases we have around.
Your beauty will attract him, but your prudence, character and prayers will keep him.
You need to be a keeper.
You need to have an abiding satisfaction, first, in the Lord.
Of course, I know there are those men who definitely need the Lord’s deliverance!
Jumping from one lady to another. I call them “Bozos”.
Today though, my concentration is not on the Bozos, am talking to you dear lady, who is grooming herself to be a woman after the Lord’s heart.
A woman who can manage her family affairs.
Am talking to you dear wife, who has been blessed with  a good man, but you don’t seem to know his worth, and has allowed complacency and familiarity to set in, in your marriage.
Am talking to you my fellow wife, who yearns to have an amazing marriage.
A marriage that can run through the test of time and keep testifying that, this far, HE IS EBENEZAH!”.
Am talking to you dear lady, who is willing to be set apart, and carry the torch, preaching and proclaiming that marriage does really work!
Proverbs 19:14, says this, Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD.
Titus, in the book of Titus 2:5, calls on the women to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
When God created us, as women, He made us too special!
He formed us from already what has been formed. More like purifying water, or distilling wine. The more it’s distilled, the more concentrated and pure it becomes. Yes we are that special, and so concentrated with lots of emotions.
I like to think God created man in His image, and created woman in His image and added more of His emotions to her!-Thinking aloud! #my thoughts!
One of the characteristics of God, is that He is discreet. Even now He is.
We don’t know of the next minute, no one is sure about tomorrow. He tells us to trust in Him because His plans are not our plans, nor our ways, His ways.
Our God is a discreet God. To know Him, you have to communicate to Him.
God created you, as a woman with that seed, and it’s up to you, let God, water you, for the seed to grow.
You need to have an abiding satisfaction in the Lord.
According to the Farlex Dictionary, being discreet means, possessed of, exercising, or showing prudence and self-restraint in speech and behavior.
In other words, being discreet means being wary, careful, guarded and circumspect.
When Titus was talking to us as women, he was simply saying, carry yourself with a lot of caution, with a lot of discernment, being prudent and wise everywhere and at any given time.
A discreet woman is not only cautions with her words, but her body, heart, soul and spirit are too.
She is careful not to share her intimate emotions with anyone, save for her husband.
She is discreet with the issues of her heart. She’s careful to not open her heart to every Kama, Jonte, Suntra, Jane, Mary and whomever!
The bible says that we should guard our hearts diligently, for out of it, flows the issues of life. Yes, life has issues, and at times, you may not see eye to eye with your husband, but that doesn’t give you a lee way to pour out your heart to another man.
You will be opening up a can of worms, and before you seal it up, and kill the ‘worms’ that might have escaped, there could be damage.
A discreet woman shares her heart and her issues with her husband alone. That emotional intimacy creates a bond between them that is very hard to break.
Disclaimer: Mr. don’t deny your wife a chance to express herself, women crave for emotional intimacy, much more than the physical intimacy. Once that is satisfied, she can be all yours brother!-Her Needs!
A discreet wife has a lot of discernment. She can feel when something is not right.
She can know what is evil, what she should avoid, who she should avoid and why she should avoid it.
Her discernment doesn’t come because she just feels, it’s direct from the Lord. He orders her steps.
She sees the pitfalls, because she sees through the Lord’s eyes.
She feels because her emotions are connected to the Lord. The Lord works through her and in her.
A discreet wife chooses her friends very carefully and with a lot of wisdom.
She knows who to approach when a need arises without spilling her issues to the public domain. It’s sad, how we ladies mislead each other. We cannot tell each other the truth for fear of being left out.
For a discreet lady, she cannot exchange the power that she has through God with the mass popularity.
A discreet wife is devoted to being a good and a pleasing wife to the husband.
She doesn’t gossip her man to her friends. Sad how some women go around gossiping their men at every corner.
They even change their WhatsApp, and Facebook status because they are not in good terms.
That is immaturity of the highest level. No one needs to know when the two of you are fighting. Be wise, be prudent.
A discreet wife is noble, her life carries sublimity and beauty. She knows how to shield her husband.
She shields her husband through her wise counsel. She shields him through prayer, not cat-fights!
She covers his inadequacies and mistakes, and praises him when he is downtrodden.
She covers and elevates his ego, her mouth is filled with praise of him, and through prayers and the strength of God, she is able to make her husband be {Praised at the gates}.-Proverbs 31.
She is not the kind of woman who will spill all her husband’s weaknesses out.
She will not talk ill about her husband even to her own children. She knows how to exercise restraint.
She will cover him when he has been laid off, and still be the strength to the husband to help him get back up on his feet.
She will cover him to his children, they will still see him as the strong father figure they have and know.
She will respect him even when he is beaten by life, her encouragement will pull him together.
She will dress him, but will never poke him, gloating about who is the provider.
She will pray for Him to overcome any obstacles and trials.
She will protect him from anyone who talks down on him.
She will restrain her mouth from spilling out words that might hurt her future.
She is a woman with great understanding, therefore she talks to her spirit, tells it to be quiet, when filled with anger and heightened emotions.
A discreet wife is prudent in her speech, careful of what she says, where and why.
Abigail was one discreet woman. Everyone knew that Nabal was evil and gruesome, but at no given time, did she disrespect him, or talk about him behind his back.
A discreet wife is prudent about her plans, she doesn’t go telling every Tom, Harry, Mary, Gladys, and Pariah.
No, she doesn’t. She guards her plans. She guards her dreams. She knows who is in her wavelength. Her plans are hers and her family.
A discreet woman is cautious about the type of company she keeps.
Company influences morals, therefore, she regards her name and character far beyond the pleasures of life and the vanity that comes with materialism.
She knows her worth is far much more than rubies or diamonds. She is careful to know who is in her circle. She knows the seasons of life. She is quick to learn and grow.
A discreet woman is judicious. Just like Abigail, She is governed by sound judgment. Abigail knew what her husband’s actions meant. His actions meant death.
She was quick to act and subvert the calamity that would have befallen her, yet wise enough not to disrespect him. She even waited till morning to talk to Nabal! I know most of us would have lashed out that very night, packed our bags and off! She was a woman with sobriety.
A discreet woman cannot be ensnared by the devils traps. Her wisdom and judgment passes on as right, yet gentle enough to let her husband lead her.
She does her husband good all the days of her life, and finds joy in the mundane. The Lord not only satisfies the desires of her heart, but also gives her the ability to enjoy her everyday life.
A discreet wife is sober-minded. She shuns voices that come from forked-tongues. She listens to The Shepherds voice, and in the stillness of the day, she sits and listens to His gentle whisper.
A discreet woman therefore knows her God, she trusts in the Lord, she is not wise in her own eyes, and leans not on her own understanding. In all her ways she acknowledges the Lord and He directs her paths.
He directs her path to divine connections, of people, of strategies, of businesses. He sharpens her mind with wisdom and understanding.
A discreet woman has an abiding satisfaction in the Lord. She is only made by the Lord.
Ask Him to teach you for HE CAN!
#marriageworks #Godspeed

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…