A parent is a shepherd.

He or she has the irrevocable duty to nurture and shepherd the hearts of the children under their roof.

There comes a time when a parent must ask himself whom will his children worship. It’s never about whether but whom!

In Proverbs 4:23, we read that life flows out of the heart. Parenting cannot be concerned only with positive shaping influences; it must
shepherd the heart by all means. Life gushes forth from the heart.

It’s important as parents to get it right on the shaping influences of our children. How our families are cultured (history), how we take up roles in the family, the structure of the family, how we handle failures, how we resolve conflicts and the values that we hold goes a long way in fashioning the minds of our children.

But this is not enough.
The heart is the centre of it all.
It’s inclination determines the trajectory of life.
All the issues of life comes from the heart, not the intellectual mind.

When we shepherd the hearts of our children, we are certain that when they will be alone out there, they will do the right thing. They will stand for the truth. They will be honest. They will worship the true God.

God has given parents an opportunity to lead their children to Him. That is parenting.
It’s easy to become a father. It’s a process to become a mother. But it takes a lifetime to be a parent.

Parenting has no time off.
It has no water break.
There is no ‘take five’ situation.
You are either shepherding, nurturing, watching from afar or reaping.

So impress the Word of God in their hearts.
Teach them.
Imprint His precepts on their little minds.

It will act as a navigation tool in their journey of life. Though they stray, they will always come back to the reference point.
They will stand because you sat with them and impressed life into hearts.


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