A SUBMISSIVE woman who is full of FAVOR is a mega jackpot from the Father of Lights!

God has given the husband an incomparable gift. A gift that can’t be exchanged for another. This the the gift of a wife. She comes fully loaded with FAVOR and STRENGTH! No wonder she comes to HELP! She’s the low-loader or flat-bed that carries the injured man. She sees the good in a man even before he does and helps him bring it out.

God created the woman to be a beautiful package for her husband. God has good intentions for the man. Men are just favored! All that a man needs from all the women he fantasizes with is all loaded in one woman, his wife. He only needs to CLEAVE to his wife.

Matthew 19:5 the Bible says; ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’.

To leave is to DEPART from something. It is to move away from a premise to another. It is to pull out from something or someone’s life. It’s to DECAMP.

Men we are instructed to DECAMP. To quit from the parents care and pampering and enter into the arena of dominion, responsibility and purpose. To attain our Godly roles in the family, we have to pull out from our comfort zones.

Learn to be independent and make use of the HELPER that God gives us who us fully loaded with benefits and favor.
HOLDING FAST means to cleave. To have a firm GRIP on to something. To hold dear to what matters in your life. To safeguard the treasure with your life.

This, the Word tells us, is likened to Christ’s love for the church. He held it fast even unto death! This grip is selfless and sacrificial!

Holding fast implies that there are forces pulling you away, but you have to be firm, strong and purpose to hold fast no matter the pull from without.

There’s no room for WAVERING. There’s no room for DOWNTIME! There’s no space for THIRD WHEELS ! There’s no room for CHEATING!

GOD has commanded us to love. Love your wife with all of you.

Loving her means that you shall not take ADVANTAGE of her KINDNESS. It means you shall not take advantage of her SUBMISSION!
Love will PROTECT and NURTURE.
Love will GUARD and PROVIDE.

Love will make a man not to cheat or abuse his wife.

The woman submission must be reciprocated with Love. God commands us to love. Even when the woman does not submit, Love! It’s your God given role.




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