All women are dangerous women. We are either building our homes with our godliness, quietness of our spirit, love, understanding, selflessness, sublimity and prayer or tearing it down with a critical, nagging, ill tempered, overly demanding, self-absorbed controlling spirit.
Either way, dangerous is the name of a woman who scares the hell out of the DEVIL HIMSELF! And dangerous is a contentious woman, who scares the hell out of HER HUSBAND AND CHILDREN!
She’s described as a woman of valor! A woman of courage and strength!
Choose your side!
We need to be dangerous to the enemy, not to our children and most importantly, we cannot be dangerous to our husbands.
Our homes should never be dangerous lest we give the devil a foothold.
Our mouths should never be dangerous lest we set ourselves up for a downfall.
There’s is no neutral option about it! We are called to be women of valor!
Our choices and every day decisions should not based on anxiety or fretfulness. The Lord has called us to be pillars of our families. We are builders. We are the homemakers.
We should be wives who laugh at the days to come for we are anchored in CHRIST!
Wives who know our assignment.
Wives who know our highest calling.
Wives who know our purpose.
We are the women of valor!
We need grace and we need to be women who read the word. Women who rely on Christ entirely. Who live an exchanged life, a life of surrender!
Christ is more than capable of giving grace if only we willingly submit and yield. We have to be women who know and believe in God’s promises, and know that we can’t coast. Our hope is in the Lord! Our help is in the Lord.
Our expectations are in the Lord. Our end, who was our beginning and all in between, is still the Lord.
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The Bible teaches that women are prone to deception; deception is our weakness.
Not that we all can’t be deceived, but the Word should be a light unto our path(s).
This is why we need to spend time in the Word — so we know the truth.
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As we align our hearts right, we position our ears to hear the Shepherd’s voice.
Every other voice drowns in His still voice, and only then can we echo back His loveliness to our families.
We need to be aware of the thoughts floating in our heads. If the devil plants a seed of a lie, doubt, rebellion or foolishness, reject it.
Do not gloss over it, consider it, converse with it or debate with it. Flee or walk away from it. Replace it with a true thought. THE REPORT OF THE LORD.
More so, subject every imagination under the feet of Jesus! We have all power and authority to subject every intent that doesn’t align itself with the will of God.
We need to be women with a strong sense of purpose. Wives who pay attention to ourselves, our spouses and our season(s)! For God is a God of order and seasons.
We have to be wives who know that God works patiently and He’s not in a big hurry, so we should not either.
Patience is not really a matter of waiting, but what you do between the time of God’s visitation and His word manifesting in your life.
Bear the fruit of patience.
A wife of valor is not afraid of work. She knows a clean house is not the victory line at the end of the day, it is only a means towards the end of loving her husband, submissively, and her God above all!
The end is a heart that loves and serves God cheerfully and heartily doing the work He places in front of you.
We need to keep our eyes open, have a spine, and become women who are not an easy target for unbelief and deception.
We not only build, but beautify and glorify what we touch — that should be our touch.
A woman’s touch. A touch seasoned by grace and love.
We are the glory of our husbands. We are our husband’s crown.
You are your husband’s crown! Without it, he’s a naked king!
Our lives should be fruitful. Taking something and making more of it. Transformation into something meaningful. We should endeavor to take in the word of the Lord, bear the fruit of the Spirit and manifest in it.
Home is where the action is. Always remember that. The enemy works to destroy homes. Don’t be caught off guard.
Do not be blind, always be armed against the wiles of the devil.
Home is where culture is born and bred and kept. Home is where altars are raised and sustained!
All work outside the home comes back home daily. The home is a weapon and defense, a refuge and oasis. It should be so.
Raise your altar!
Ask yourself, are people refreshed at your table? Are souls as well as bodies fed?
Is your husband encouraged around you? Are your children nurtured with your wisdom?
Remember that feeding is more than nutrition and bodily necessity; eating around a table is inherently symbolic.
Provision should not only be physical, but more so emotionally and spiritually. It is practice for heaven. Make it a priority.
The table is potent and raising Godly altars is how we will rebuild or build and train up children that are complete, not lacking in character and not dysfunctional. Again! Raise your altar!
Do not be threatened by rude comments people make about you or your family.
They make such comments because they are threatened by your family and by your joy (Which can only come from Christ)
Let them see the Lord that can make all beautiful; don’t feel threatened yourself. You do not need to defend the truth. The truth always defends itself and more so, your security is in Christ.
Protect yourself from deception. How the serpent attacked Eve warns us about how we might be tempted. Be always on guard!
The devil closed Eve’s eyes to her blessings. He changed the command of God into a mere question that entangled her in a conversation aimed to usurp the Lord.
He questioned God’s motives and lied to sow a seed of doubt (a question can find an answer, a doubt is “what if” or a questioning that doesn’t want to find the answer).
He minimized the consequences of disobedience and made her think it wasn’t a big deal to disobey.
He got Eve to act unilaterally without her husband’s authority. He, THE DEVIL, displaces authority. Do not be entertain him! Close all loopholes in your marriage.
Pay attention to the thoughts in your head and flee temptation rather than debate with it.
Pay attention to the little arguments he throws in your marriage.
You need not win any argument. Some are just mines that the devil plants in your vineyard! Watch out and do not step on them!
Keep YOUR ANTENNA UP! LISTEN TO the voice of the Holy Spirit! He always speaks as the inner witness.
Be slow to speak, very slow to respond but quick to hear!
Do not question the Lord’s timings, do not question God’s irreversible order in marriage, submission is beautiful.
If you want to be blessed, you must obey. God will not bless disobedience. God gives us the means and the strength to obey; we need to be asking for His grace constantly.
God reclaimed Eve, put enmity between her and the serpent, and He’s reclaimed us too through the blood of Jesus Christ. Do not waste the chance! Obedience is better than sacrifice!
Know how to get back on your game. Know how to repent and move on when you fall.
Know how to gain wisdom all the while.
Know how to fight for your marriage and do not give the devil a foothold through blind folly!
Worldly advice will never build your family, nor your spouse!
Get your royalty heels and let’s get building our marriages! With Christ all is POSSIBLE.
ALL including marriages that exude the glory of the Lord!

We are John and Mary Munene and we love the Lord! Christ is our all in all! All we are is by God’s grace. Apart from having our individual careers, we are ardent bloggers, authors and misters of God's word. We have been blessed with two amazing children. A beautiful daughter and a handsome son. We love adventure, anything with lots of adrenaline is always a ‘go-thing’ for us! A cup of coffee next to a fireplace and a good book always does good to our souls! Hope you enjoy this blog!

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…